Five reasons to love and hate the Hummer H2

Contents of the material When the Hummer Gets Hummin’ (You Better Warn Your Household) Of course, I couldn’t write a thorough Hummer 2.0 BJ machine review without mentioning everything that it’s lacking. Given that it’s a pricey machine, it doesn’t have many drawbacks, but, as always, it’s not perfect. First of all, it’s super noisy. … Read more

Repair of BMW diesel engines in Moscow, BMW Motor Expert

Contents of the material BMW diesel engine repair BMW diesel engine repair Video Features of diagnostics of BMW diesel engines Possible signs of engine failure BMW diesel engine repair BMW diesel engine repair High-quality repairs of BMW diesel engines are possible only after diagnostics have been performed. Based on the readings of high-precision instruments, the … Read more

Hyundai Elantra rear suspension device, Rear suspension

Contents of the material Hyundai Elantra rear suspension designs The rear suspension is independent, multi-link (three transverse and one longitudinal link on each side), with shock absorbers 4 and 13, anti-roll bar 9. The guide elements of the rear suspension are trailing arms 7 and 16, transverse arms 1, 15,2 and 10, as well as … Read more

Hyundai Accent Engine Replacement Cost [Labor & Parts]

Contents of the material Hyundai Accent engine replacement How to change an Accent engine with your own hands Replacing the entire motor seems to be an easier procedure than overhauling it. However, this procedure is lengthy and labor-intensive. During the removal process, you will need a winch to hang the motor. Let us describe the … Read more

Vehicle BlackBox Car DVR Full HD 1080 instructions in Russian

Contents of the material DEVICE FEATURES Vehicle Blackbox DVR is a high-tech miniature car DVR, designed in accordance with market requirements. It supports the most popular functions such as: HD digital video, digital photo, data transfer and USB charging. The small size, combined with the versatility of the device, will allow you to shoot HD … Read more

3 Possible Causes of Mini Cooper Radio Not Working

Contents of the material Buttons don’t work If the buttons on the car radio do not work, although there is power to it, the reason should be sought in poor contact or incorrect installation of the front panel. Buttons may also work poorly if they become stuck due to normal wear and tear. If the … Read more


Contents of the material Principle of operation The electric motor is a “storage of energy”, which is transferred to it from the internal combustion engine when the car is idling, or the full potential of the power unit is not used. Thanks to this, unspent energy accumulates and allows you to move around on an … Read more

Roto Grip Gem Hybrid Bowling Ball

Contents of the material Where is the best place to put a flowerpot? Video Features of plant transplantation Where is the best place to put a flowerpot? The plant can be kept in the living room, kitchen or bedroom. When choosing a place for a flowerpot in your apartment, you need to take into account … Read more

Comparing Air Impact Wrench and Battery Impact Wrench

Contents of the material Cordless vs Air Impact Wrench – The Main Differences Generated torque Impact wrenches use a pneumatic motor powered by compressed air to work. This configuration allows for greater torque generation compared to cordless impact wrenches. For this reason, impact wrenches are ideal for heavy duties, like tightening and loosening bolts on … Read more