3 Possible Causes of Mini Cooper Radio Not Working

Contents of the material

Buttons don’t work

If the buttons on the car radio do not work, although there is power to it, the reason should be sought in poor contact or incorrect installation of the front panel. Buttons may also work poorly if they become stuck due to normal wear and tear. If the volume control stops responding to commands, control is not working correctly. Instead of increasing in volume, the sound becomes quieter when you turn the switch. What to do in such cases:

  1. Remove the front panel of the car radio, clean the contacts and return the device to its place. When installing, you need to make sure that the device fits tightly into place. There is a click when installed correctly.
  2. Replace worn buttons and switches. It is difficult to do this yourself; you need to take the car radio to a workshop. Do not press the buttons too hard or twist the knobs after replacement. Careful operation of the device extends the service life of parts.

Why replace the car radio fuse on a Mini Cooper?

So, let’s start our article about the location of the car radio fuse of your Mini Cooper thanks to its change. You may feel like you have a blown fuse, but you’re not sure. It is important to know that the fuse works as a safety device to prevent overvoltage on the Mini Cooper. . This will be a resistor, a thread, more or less thick, that will allow a certain tension to be completed and which will break if the tension is too strong. Hence the fact that they are transparent, you can check them and make sure that the thread is not damaged. In general, you will want to replace your Mini Cooper car radio fuse when it stops working for no apparent reason. If your battery is working efficiently, the problem may be with the fuse.

The sensor or display does not work

If the display on the radio does not work, you need to look for internal faults. The cable connecting the screen to the main modules is often disconnected. Only a specialist can fix the problem. You should not disassemble the device yourself, as this can make the situation worse. Due to the displacement of the cable, the operation of the sensor may be disrupted.

If the sensor on the radio does not work, you can use the remote control to perform the necessary operations. Incorrect installation of the panel may also cause the touchscreen or screen to malfunction. Testing the device in a service center will help you understand why the radio does not work.