2023 Volkswagen Taos vs. 2024 Volkswagen Tiguan

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First meeting

The Volkswagen Tiguan doesn’t need any special introduction. This is a compact crossover with front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive, which has already changed its generation. The second generation was officially presented in Frankfurt in the fall of 2015. Sales in Europe began in the spring of 2016. And only by mid-December I reached Russia. Already in 2020, the model experienced a major restyling. The appearance and technical content have improved. But while in Europe they added a new turbodiesel, in Russia everything remained unchanged in terms of the engine range.

The Volkswagen Taos is also a compact SUV with front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive. In the manufacturer’s lineup it is half a step below the Tiguan. The new product was first presented in October 2020 during an online presentation. This was the North American version. In March 2021, the Russian version was declassified. In fact Taos is a Skoda Karoqbut with a modified appearance and with a Volkswagen nameplate.

Options and prices

Let’s start with the Volkswagen Tiguan. Prices have really gone up since 2022. In total, the car is available in 5 trim levels in the Russian Federation.

  • Respect. The starting price is 2.13 million rubles. For a 150-horsepower engine and DSG you will have to pay at least 2.36 million.
  • Status. The price varies from 2.44 to 2.74 million, depending on the engine and gearbox.
  • Urban Sport. The price range for this configuration is from 2.67 to 2.87 million.
  • Exclusive. For one of the top versions you will have to pay at least 2.76-2.96 million rubles.
  • R-Line. The most expensive package. Costs from 3.012 to 3.35 million rubles from the start.

For comparison, at the end of 2021, they asked for 2.06 million rubles for the basic version of Tiguan. And the R-Line package started at 2.94 million. Now the price tag has already exceeded 3 million rubles.

Now let’s move on to the Volkswagen Taos. Let’s look at the configurations and prices of this car in Russia for 2022:

  • Respect. The minimum price is 1.817 million rubles. If you want 7DSG and a 150-horsepower engine, prepare at least 2.047 million rubles.
  • Status. The price range is from 2.027 to 2.197 million rubles.
  • Joy!. In this version, the German crossover costs 2.125-2.295 million rubles.
  • Exclusive. This is the most expensive package. Minimum cost 2.29-2.39 million rubles.

As you can see, Taos is not at all more expensive than Tiguan. On the contrary, Tiguan will cost significantly more than its conventional competitor in today’s comparison.

Powertrains and technical specifications

If you imagine the range of available power units graphically, then the Taos engines will indeed cover the lower part of the Tiguan range, but with a slight shift down, and here emphasizing the subordinate position of the newcomer.

Power unit Taos Tiguan Front-wheel drive versions Basic level 1.6 l (110 hp)+manual transmission5 1.4 l (125 hp)+manual transmission6 Mid-level 1.4 l (150 hp)+automatic transmission8 1 .4 l (150 hp)+DSG6 All-wheel drive versions 1.4 l (150 hp)+DSG7 1.4 l (150 hp)+DSG6 Supreme 2.0 l (180 hp) .)+DSG7 2.0 l (220 hp)+DSG7

Even the Tigu base has a turbo engine, albeit not much more powerful than the Taos aspirated one. But the main difference in the selection of power units is the absence of top-end two-liter engines for Taos in principle. It’s interesting that the only robot installed in Taos was a 7-speed one, apparently avoiding even the possibility of a correct comparison with the Tiguan.

In dynamic and fuel-economic characteristics the picture is similarTaos roughly corresponds to the lower and middle versions of the Tiguan.

Characteristics of Tiguan

In other technical aspects and in terms of driving sensations, the cars are also similar, here the subjective impressions of each individual driver begin to play the main role, and the arguments are guaranteed to be controversial in most cases.