Vehicle BlackBox Car DVR Full HD 1080 instructions in Russian

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Vehicle Blackbox DVR is a high-tech miniature car DVR, designed in accordance with market requirements. It supports the most popular functions such as: HD digital video, digital photo, data transfer and USB charging.

  1. The small size, combined with the versatility of the device, will allow you to shoot HD video or photos in any situation
  2. 2.3 inch LTPS TFT LCD display
  3. 1/3-inch high resolution matrix
  4. Focal length from 10 cm to infinity
  5. 4x digital zoom
  6. Video format: AVI/MJPEG
  7. Built-in microphone and speaker
  8. IR illumination
  9. Built-in lithium-ion battery
  10. SDHC card support
  11. Loop video recording function (in a circle)
  12. Setting time and date on video
  13. Charging while recording video
  14. Automatic video recording when turned on
  15. Display with sleep mode
  16. Menu in 12 languages


Press the “menu” button twice to enter the “Settings” section (System settings).

To select a settings item, use the “up”/“down” buttons; to change the item, press the “OK” button.

Formatting: Formats the SD memory card. (Caution: This operation will delete all files on the memory card.)

Language: Select a language (one of 12).

Auto power off: 1 min / 3 min / 5 min / Off.

Reset: Return to factory settings.

Sound. Signal: On / Off

Frequency: Mains frequency: 50Hz/60Hz

Date Entry: Set the date and time.

USB: Selection of communication mode with a PC: WEB camera (using the video recorder as a WEB camera), Removable disk (Access to SD card memory).

To exit and go to the “Settings” section, press the “menu” button once.

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How to Adjust Exposure on a DVR

Exposure can be adjusted in the System Settings section. It is highlighted as a separate item and adjusts the brightness of the image on the screen. The exposure in the DVR is adjustable from -2 to +2.

When choosing shooting characteristics, it should be taken into account that the number of light rays allows you to see small details at any time of the day. Individual adaptation to environmental conditions is required.

To set the exposure correctly, follow these steps:

  • select the time of exposure of light to the lens mirror;
  • set the aperture characteristic depending on the sensitivity of the lens sensor;

If the driver does not want to constantly adjust the viewfinder settings, he can use the automatic recording setup. It should be remembered that the system selects optimal registration values. This reduces the chance of high-quality recording of what is happening; when manually entering settings, the quality is displayed better.

It should be remembered that the system selects optimal registration values. This reduces the chance of high-quality recording of what is happening; when manually entering settings, the quality is displayed better.

How the DVR works

In most cases, a car recorder starts working automatically after voltage is supplied to it. (power comes from the cigarette lighter using the adapter that comes with the kit). Accordingly, if there is no supply voltage, the DVR will stop working (this does not happen immediately, but after some time – protection against accidental shutdown). Also, using the off/on buttons, you can turn on the recorder from the internal battery.

Once turned on, the recorder immediately begins recording. To go into settings debugging mode, you need to stop recording; to do this, you need to stop by pressing the SNAP/REC button.

After this, you need to go to the settings menu (Menu button). The user is now in settings mode. Using the Up and Down buttons, you must select the required section or menu item in which you want to change the settings. Activation of changes and making new settings, as well as confirmation, occurs using the OK or SNAP/REC button

Important notes on using the device

  1. Power supply and loop recording. If there is a flash card in the DVR during operation, this is indicated by a special red icon on the screen. Then recording is performed in standard mode. It happens that the card’s memory becomes full and then the recorder turns on cyclic recording, that is, it deletes the oldest file and writes a new one in its place. Video recording duration: 3 min., 2 min., 1 min., Off.
  2. Function to automatically start recording when the ignition is turned on. If the device is connected to the car’s power supply, then after turning on the car’s ignition, it automatically turns on and starts recording. After turning off the engine, the DVR automatically stops recording.
  3. Camera functions. To switch to video recording mode, press “MODE” and then “REC” to enter photography mode. Each press of the “R.E.C.» allows you to take a photo. Playback functions: To enter playback mode, press “MODE“, and then “R.E.C.» to play the current video file or view an image. To select the previous or next video file or image, click “Up down” To play a video file or view an image, click “R.E.C.