Comparing Air Impact Wrench and Battery Impact Wrench

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Cordless vs Air Impact Wrench – The Main Differences

Generated torque

Impact wrenches use a pneumatic motor powered by compressed air to work. This configuration allows for greater torque generation compared to cordless impact wrenches. For this reason, impact wrenches are ideal for heavy duties, like tightening and loosening bolts on steel structures and big and heavy vehicles.

Also, torque wrenches allow you to be much faster and more efficient on the job. For this reason, these tools are commonly used on pit stops of motor races, where saving time is a must.

Pneumatic impact wrenches don’t need to be too large or too heavy to generate more torque. However, cordless impact wrenches need a big and heavy brushless motor to generate high torque. So, the more power you require from your cordless tool, the bigger and heavier it should be.

In addition, the maximum torque generated by a cordless tool is only a fraction of the average torque that a pneumatic impact wrench can apply.

Weight difference

The weight of an air impact wrench is considerably less than that of a cordless wrench. However, the biggest con in these cases is the weight of the air compressor. To generate higher air pressure, compressors need big air tanks and pumps.

So, if you intend to use your pneumatic wrench on heavy-duty projects, you’ll certainly have problems to transport your tool. However, this doesn’t happen with cordless wrenches. Although they’re slightly heavier than air impact wrenches, they don’t need to be connected to heavy air compressors to work. This feature makes them a more portable option, ideal for applying torque at different points without losing valuable time.

Ease of use

Cordless impact wrenches are by far easier to use than pneumatic wrenches. They don’t need to be connected to a power source, so you can use them in remote places, where electricity and gasoline aren’t available.

Also, cordless impact wrenches are lightweight and can be used with one hand. In addition, they give you access to those difficult corners where air impact wrenches can’t reach.

Air impact wrenches on the other hand are more difficult to use and require a more complex setup. Before getting started, you need to prepare your air compressor to get the most out of your tool. That includes opening and closing some valves and checking the gauges and the oil level. The extra weight added by the air compressor also makes transportation more difficult and may force you to stay in the same place during work.

Maintenance frequency

Air impact wrenches and cordless wrenches can remain operational for years without requiring maintenance. However, the same doesn’t happen with air compressors. For example, condensed water inside the tank tends to rust the metal walls. On the other hand, the friction generated inside the air pump tends to wear some moving parts. So, your air compressor will require deep maintenance from time to time to function well.

Safety features

Both pneumatic and cordless impact wrenches are safe with proper use. So, before using an impact wrench for the first time, make sure to follow all the recommendations in the user manual.

For example, when using a pneumatic tool, be careful to not apply too much air pressure. Also, adjusts the maximum torque of the tool so as not to break the bolts. In the case of cordless wrenches, keep the batteries away from the heat of the sun and protected from accidental drops and scratches. These batteries tend to explode if the


Air impact wrenches are slightly cheaper than their cordless counterparts. However, your expenses could rise to the sky when you need to buy an air compressor.

On the other hand, cordless impact wrenches are available in a wide variety of price ranges. The simplest options can cost a few hundred dollars, while the most advanced models can exceed the $1000 limit.

Air Impact Wrench

The primary distinction between air and electric impact wrench is that air wrench utilizes compressed air to propel the interior hammer and spin the driver.

Instead of depending on an internal motor, compressed air accomplishes all of the jobs.

It necessitates the use of a strong air compressor connected to the wrench for it to work.

Power & Portability

As a result, an air impact wrench is often better suited for stationary labor or usage at a fixed workplace. They are ideal for use in auto repair garages and matching locations.

Although they are heavier than cordless electric impact wrenches, they often give greater force.

As a result, they’re more suited to dealing with larger bolts and nuts.

Type of Trigger

Since they do not often feature variable-speed triggers, they are rather simple to use, and the force may be adjusted by changing the associated air compressor.


  • Most powerful impact wrench on the market.
  • Ideal for fixed garage.


  • Hefty and tough to transport.

Cordless vs Air Impact Wrench – The winner

Without a doubt, both options are winners. While air impact wrenches win for being more powerful and efficient, cordless wrenches win for being more portable, lightweight and easy to use. Depending on your requirements, one of these options may be much more convenient than the other.

So, before making the final decision, ask to yourself: what do I need from my tool? What do I need to do? The answers to these questions will help you have a clear idea of ​​the kind of tool you need.