2020 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Sedan——–A Definition of Class!

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The 2020 Mercedes C-Class in a new body debuted at the Detroit Auto Show. Visitors to the auto show were able to see with their own eyes how the car’s appearance, interior and technical characteristics have changed. The rest had to be content with only a photo of the model. You can understand all the changes by studying the configurations and prices.

The model has three main configurations: C180, C200 and AMG. But each modification has its own branches. This is reflected in the number of additional options and the price of the car.

Equipment Price, rub. Engine volume, l Fuel type Motor, hp checkpoint Drive unit Funny cycle, l (consumption) Acceleration to 100 km/h, sec
C 200 4MATIC Premium 2,698,000 1.5 AI-95 184 Automatic transmission 4×4 9.1 8.1
C 180 Premium 2,378,000 1.6 AI-95 150 Automatic transmission rear 8.3 8.3
C 180 Premium 2,478,000 1.6 AI-95 150 Automatic transmission rear 8.3 8.3
C 180 Sport 2,738,000 1.6 AI-95 150 Automatic transmission rear 8.3 8.3
C 300 Sport 3,078,000 1.99 AI-95 249 Automatic transmission rear 9.4 5.9
C 43 AMG 4MATIC 4,088,000 3 AI-98 390 Automatic transmission 4×4 12.7 4.7
C 63 S AMG Special Edition 6,188,000 3.98 AI-98 510 Automatic transmission rear 13.6 4

*The prices shown in the table are approximate and may vary depending on your region and the selected additional options.


This is the most expensive and most equipped package. It is also divided into two versions: C43 4Matic and C63 S. This German will cost 4,089,000 rubles. And the most expensive version is 6,189,000 rubles. For this price, the owner receives a fully equipped car. The modification includes the AMG Driver’s package, active emergency braking assistant, and anti-theft alarm. The car is equipped with 19 or 20-inch alloy wheels and the AMG Exterior package. The rearview mirrors are automatically dimmed. The trunk spoiler is painted in body color. There is an AMG RIDE CONTROL sports suspension and red calipers. Plus, the rear axle differential is electronically locked. The cabin has all the comfort options – modern media installation, interior lighting, navigation module.

Functions C 200 4MATIC Premium C 180 Premium C 180 Premium C 180 Sport C 300 Sport C 43 AMG 4MATIC C 63 S AMG Special Edition
LEDs in rear running lights
Electrically operated trunk Add. Add. Add. Add.
Alarm with anti-theft system
Passenger airbag
Rear parking sensors
Electronic Stability Control (ESP)
Starting the engine with a button
Power steering
Rear fog lights
Adaptive Cruise Control (ACCS) Add. Add. Add. Add. Add. Add. Add.
Brake force distribution (EBD) control
LCD display
Outside temperature monitoring sensor
Blind Spot Monitoring System Add. Add. Add.
Anti-lock wheel system (ABS) There is
Brake Assist System (BAS)

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The first pictures of the Mercedes E Class 2020 clearly indicated that the new body remained largely the same. It was “borrowed” from a model of the same class, which first appeared in Detroit three years ago.

E Class station wagon

But changes have definitely been made, especially to the front part. Explicit innovations:

  • original menacing headlights in a new form;
  • an updated radiator grille, which will be expanded towards the bottom;
  • new bumpers, the shape of which the photo spies were not really able to see, since many elements were simply removed from the car during the tests. Everything that was not filmed was reliably camouflaged;
  • larger rear lights with new contours. They move a little onto the trunk lid.

The lack of revolutionary innovations in the Mercedes E Class 2020 model year is normal, because the car was updated in the middle of its life cycle.

Review of the interior and exterior of the new body

The new Mercedes C-Class body is presented in two variations – sedan and coupe. Externally, the car has been significantly improved. This can be seen even from photographs. The updated, neat body contour, huge air intakes and chrome trim of individual elements are striking. All this makes the car bright and noticeable on the road. The front part of the model has undergone the greatest changes. The muzzle is elongated and inclined towards the road. The hood cover is decorated with a large number of relief details. The wheel arches have also increased. The rear of the car looks aggressive. The trunk lid is short and has a small aerodynamic lip on top.

Only high-quality materials are used in the interior: leather, plastic, metal, wood, carbon fiber and Alcantara. The car has a modern multimedia system, although not as advanced as in more expensive models. The on-board computer is equipped with a large number of assistants and entertainment options. Climate control is controlled by touch buttons located under the multimedia system. The center console has many connectors for connecting all kinds of devices. All seats are equipped with additional options – heating, settings memory, electrical adjustment.

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The appearance of a German sedan greatly depends on the type of configuration chosen. But in all modifications you can find rectangular headlights with smoothed edges, a flat hood and a signature radiator grille with two wide stripes in the center. In top versions, the front bumper is complemented by large air intakes that provide good airflow to the brake mechanisms. The rear, as well as the side part of the body, are decorated in the standard style for the German brand. In particular, at the rear there are fairly large headlights with LED lights.

The interior design also undergoes certain changes depending on the modification. Inside the car there is a bright trim with a lacquered surface that frames the center console and transmission tunnel. The dashboard is decorated with a color display that seems to extend onto the dials located on the sides. On the center console there is a standard touch monitor, designed like a tablet. In addition, the abundance of chrome linings attracts attention.

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