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Where is the best place to put a flowerpot?

The plant can be kept in the living room, kitchen or bedroom. When choosing a place for a flowerpot in your apartment, you need to take into account that aloe loves warmth and light. It is best to place it near southern windows, but not on the window sills themselves, but a little to the side. It is advisable that the leaves should not be exposed to direct sunlight. In winter, the flower also needs lighting. Since daylight hours are greatly reduced in the temperate zone, fluorescent lamps are used for additional lighting.

Even on a window in winter, aloe can be too dark.

Aloe is not very demanding on temperature conditions, but it does not like drafts. The flower can grow all year round at room temperature. However, in order for the plant to bloom in early spring, it is recommended to move it with the onset of cold weather to rooms where the air warms up to 10-12 degrees, but does not drop below 7-8. From mid-autumn to spring, aloe begins a dormant period, and providing such conditions helps prepare it for flowering.

In the warm season, flowerpots can be taken out into the open air. They can stand on unglazed balconies and terraces. In this case, the main thing is that the plant is not exposed to the sun all day and does not get exposed to rain.

On a note

In some varieties of aloe, the color of the leaves may change slightly depending on the lighting. For example, in the hybrid species of aloe Black Jam, obtained by crossing aloe and haworthia, the leaves become brown-black in the sun. Darkening begins at the tips of the leaves. Not knowing this feature, some owners decide that the plant is sick.

Features of plant transplantation

Young plants are recommended to be replanted every year, and adults (after 6 years) – once every 2-3 years. The optimal time for transplantation is the beginning of spring, but if necessary, it can be done in the summer. Aloe is not replanted in autumn and winter.

The largest bushes must be planted in large flowerpots.

When replanting, a new pot is chosen for the plant, which should be approximately 20% larger than the previous one. The roots of some species grow quickly and become crowded in old pots.

Before removing the plant from the old pot, the soil is first moistened. Also, sometimes a knife is drawn along its walls to separate the substrate. Having taken out the aloe, they shake off the soil a little from its roots, but do not completely remove it. If rotten roots are found, they must be cut off. If there are root shoots, they need to be separated and planted separately.

After this, a layer of drainage is poured into the new pot, and the roots of the plant are placed on top along with the soil remaining on them. The remaining space of the flowerpot is filled with fresh soil, lightly compacting it. After transplantation, the plant is watered with a small amount of water, and then cared for as usual.

You need to work with aloe roots very carefully. In some species, although they are large, they are quite fragile. If handled carelessly, they can break off. In this case, the plant trunk needs to be dried and then placed in a substrate for rooting.


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