Hyundai Elantra rear suspension device, Rear suspension

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Hyundai Elantra rear suspension designs

The rear suspension is independent, multi-link (three transverse and one longitudinal link on each side), with shock absorbers 4 and 13, anti-roll bar 9. The guide elements of the rear suspension are trailing arms 7 and 16, transverse arms 1, 15,2 and 10, as well as steering arms. This system of levers in combination with elastic rubber-metal joints provides the suspension with passive steering properties: when cornering, the rear wheels turn at a small angle in the direction of the turn, which ensures better stability and controllability of the car.

The video will tell you about the design and repair of the Elantra rear suspension

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Ride quality

In terms of feel, the Elantra’s suspension feels quite tight. She looks more German than Korean.

But it is also worth considering the location of assembly. The Kaliningrad assembly is rigid, while the Kazakh version remains quite soft.


On bumps, the Elantra should be given its due – the car does not rock up and down, as happens on Skoda and other VAG cars. And the tightness of the suspension only improves ride quality at speed. The faster, the fewer bumps.

If you slow down, you will start to shake. Waves from the bumps will begin to enter the cabin, and the speed bump will feel like a strong kick on your spine.

But if you exceed 120 km/h, then the soft rear shock absorbers come into play. They rock the car outrageously, so the passengers in the second row have a very hard time. The thing is that the suspension is designed for smooth American roads, and not for Russian off-road conditions.

Noise insulation, shock absorption

There is also excellent sound insulation and shock absorption. So you won’t hear any unpleasant sounds, even on a very bad road. Perhaps questions arise about the sounds emanating from the engine compartment. But that is another topic.

Excellent driving performance will not deteriorate in any way with a reduction in engine size. And if you want an even tighter suspension, simply switch to Sport mode.

Steering wheel and brakes

The response to the steering wheel is immediate. Good steering response allows the car to accurately take turns, even if the engine itself lacks traction. Smooth control is ensured at both high and low speeds. But… There is one drawback – the power steering, which in sport mode looks simply artificial.

The brake pedal responds instantly to pressure, but during sudden braking, the pads overheat, significantly lengthening the braking distance.

Systems and other characteristics

All the delights of the Elantra are complemented by anti-slip and directional stability systems. The stabilization system copes with its tasks perfectly, but, unfortunately, it is not available in all trim levels.

In city driving mode, with sharp starts, the car shows excellent dynamics with minimal buildup.

But on winter tires you will have to prepare for the appearance of rolls. And the rather low ground clearance of 200 mm – in fact, it is 161 mm – will not allow driving on severe off-road conditions.