Repair of BMW diesel engines in Moscow, BMW Motor Expert

BMW diesel engine repair

BMW diesel engine repair

High-quality repairs of BMW diesel engines are possible only after diagnostics have been performed. Based on the readings of high-precision instruments, the masters of our Quality Motors BMW car service network can judge the cause of the breakdown and offer an effective way to eliminate it.

Customers of the service center are guaranteed:

  • free diagnostics:
  • assistance in choosing original spare parts and reliable analogues available in our own warehouse;
  • prices are up to 55% lower than dealer prices.

To make an appointment with a specialist on a specific date and time, just leave a request on the website or call.

Features of diagnostics of BMW diesel engines

A complete check of the condition of the diesel engine using computers, special stands and other professional equipment is the only way to quickly and accurately determine the cause of problems in the operation of the internal combustion engine. Diagnostics of a BMW engine at BorisHof dealerships occurs in the following order:

  • the hood opens, a visual assessment of the condition of the engine and the cleanliness of the engine compartment is made;
  • diagnostic equipment is connected to the power unit, the error code is studied;
  • mechanical diagnostics of a diesel internal combustion engine of a vehicle is performed;
  • the marks of the gas distribution mechanism are checked;
  • the compression level is assessed;
  • The fuel system is being diagnosed.

Depending on the identified malfunction, BorisHof specialists repair fuel equipment, turbines, injectors, fuel injection pumps or other components (elements) of a BMW diesel engine.

Possible signs of engine failure

Despite the differences in design, both gasoline and diesel engines have very similar signs of malfunctions. It’s quite easy to notice them; it’s only important to pay attention to:

  • sounds uncharacteristic of engine operation – knocking, grinding, popping, increased noise level;
  • sharply increased oil or fuel consumption;
  • the car loses its usual power – slow acceleration, poor dynamics;
  • The number of engine revolutions does not correspond to the gear engaged.

Of course, these are not all the signs indicating problems with the engine, but each of them is a good reason to contact a car service center. Qualified employees of the Autostart service station will quickly determine the cause of the malfunction and eliminate it.


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