Toyota Land Cruiser Pickup 4.2L DIESEL 6-CYLINDER SINGLE CABIN PICKUP 2023

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We have collected for you the most frequently asked questions from clients with answers.

How much does it cost to deliver a car from the UAE to Russia?

At Bury Dubai, delivery costs are included in the price of the car. The cost of shipping a car from the UAE to Russia depends on several factors, including the distance between countries, the type of transport used for transportation, and other additional services such as insurance.

Do I need to pay customs duties when importing a car from the UAE to Russia?

Yes, when importing a car from the UAE to Russia, you must pay customs duties. Customs clearance is carried out by our company, its cost is immediately included in the price of the car.

How to check the history of a car from the UAE before buying?

Our specialist carries out a complete check of the car. If desired, inspections can be carried out via video link.

What documents do I need to provide to register a car from the UAE in Russia? To register a car from the UAE in Russia, you must provide the following documents: vehicle passport, customs declaration, certificate of conformity, invoice for the purchase of the car, as well as a sales contract. We provide the entire set of these documents.


Due to deliveries to different parts of the world and long-term production, the variety of engines distinguishes this model from others. The current generation (2023) Toyota Land Cruiser 70 has a durable 16” underside for off-road driving. The basic version is equipped with an economical VVT-i engine (1GR-FE v6 engine 228 hp), which provides additional power when needed. All-wheel drive with five-speed manual transmission and four-speed automatic (1994). As well as variations of turbocharged diesel engines:

  • 1HZ – v6 131 hp, 135 hp 164 hp
  • 1VD-FTV – v8 202 hp

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