2024 Subaru Crosstrek Wilderness Debuts With Added Clearance, Unique Style

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As for the shortcomings, motorists believe there are a whole lot of them. First of all, car enthusiasts don’t like the updated appearance of the Subaru Crosstrek. Most Internet users believe that the designers overdid it in making the car look brutal and now it just looks ugly. This also includes dissatisfaction with the design of the “Japanese” rear lights.

The next disadvantage is the relatively cheap materials used in the interior decoration. Experts are also not satisfied with the tablet touchscreen in the cabin, which is designed to control most of the built-in functionality of the cross-hatch. Many car enthusiasts had an extremely negative reaction to the plastic linings installed on the wheel arches and along the lower edge of the car body.

Despite the budget design of the interior and the status of a cross-hatch, the new Subaru Crosstrek turned out to be by no means cheap. Most auto experts believe that the high cost of a car can scare off the bulk of potential buyers of the model.

In general, the update previously announced by Subaru representatives did not lead to an improvement in the car. According to market experts, the manufacturer not only did not improve its car, but also made it worse in a number of parameters than the previous generation. Apparently, after such adjustments, the Subaru Crosstrek will be in demand exclusively among fans of the Japanese brand. But probably only a few will decide to choose a new cross-hatch as an alternative to another car.

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What’s next for the Warpig?

The Warpig has come a long way since it left the dealership in 2021.

With the addition of a hybrid front bar, winch, and rock sliders, Joe is continuing to test the capability of the Crosstrek and improve its performance even further. For instance, Joe is interested in swapping the drivetrain from a 2022 Forester Wilderness which has a lower crawl ratio. Ideally, a dual-range transmission would be better, but there are few viable options on the market. Stronger CV axles to support larger tires and higher suspension geometry is also on Joe’s wishlist. Joe has been chasing a high-quality snorkel kit to protect his Crosstrek from torrential rain and flooding in Oahu too. And, lastly, most Crosstrek owners are interested in a supercharger kit to add more power and torque on the trail.

Joe is interested in working with the right aftermarket supplier to develop a good product for the items on his wishlist, similar to his collaboration with Full Force Metalworks.