Test of VW Jetta and Ford Focus. Who has more jokers up his sleeve?

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Andrey Gordasevich

— Jetta customers are energetic, dynamic people who value the solidity of the brand, strict design and excellent ergonomics of Volkswagen cars. The Jetta is not only an elegant sedan, but also a very practical one. It provides plenty of space for rear passengers, as well as a spacious and comfortable trunk. The Jetta will delight the owner with excellent handling, high directional stability and will bring a lot of pleasure behind the wheel. We especially note the successful range of engines. It will continue to expand in 2012.

Andrey Gordasevich, PR Manager, Volkswagen – Passenger Cars

Dynamics, fuel consumption

Despite almost the same nominal performance, the FF III actually turns out to be slower and more economical.

Ford Focus

Thus, the Volkswagen Jetta with a 110-horsepower 1.6-liter engine has the following indicators:

  • “maximum speed” –191 km/h;
  • acceleration to “hundreds” – 11.3 seconds;
  • gasoline consumption, city – 8.2 l.;
  • highway – 5.2 l;
  • on average – 6.3 liters.

Ford Focus sedan with a 105-horsepower unit:

  • max speed – 182 km/h;
  • acceleration time – 12.4 seconds;
  • combined cycle consumption – 6.0 l.

When comparing the dynamics of the Volkswagen Jetta and Ford Focus, it should be borne in mind that modifications with an automatic transmission are slightly slower, but more economical.


– Ford Focus III is distinguished by sweeping shapes, modern sporty design, unsurpassed handling, comfort, high quality finishes and the most advanced technologies. In the new generation, the list of options has significantly expanded. Among them there are previously unavailable in the golf class. Almost half of Russian Focus buyers choose a sedan, following the general trend in the C segment. I am sure that with the appearance of the Focus sedan on Russian roads, it will strengthen its reputation as a people’s favorite.

Ekaterina Kulinenko, Vice President of Public Relations, Ford Sollers

Asked the price

Ford relied on a wealth of equipment. In the top-end Titanium version, everything is of the highest standard: from adaptive electric power steering, ABS, dynamic stabilization complex, a bunch of airbags to rain, light, volume and “autoparking” sensors. There are even “toys” such as beautiful pop-up menus and multi-colored interior lights above and below. And if you add “packages”, you will have almost everything your heart desires, perhaps with the exception of seat ventilation and built-in massagers. But all this is within the “budget”: for a million – not a step, unless you really try to spend the money on some super-exclusive discs.

Engine 1.4 TSI…… complete with DSG available for any Jetta trim level. The difference in price compared to the base power unit (1.6 liters with manual transmission) is 107,000 rubles. Multifunctional steering wheel and……combined Glos seat upholstery is a Highline privilege. They can be ordered as options and in other configurationsThe two-liter engine is available only in Trend Sport and Titanium versions“Robot” PowerShift is available in all trim levels except the basic one, and can also be combined with a 1.6-liter engineThe multi-steering wheel is part of the radio packages, but is included in the top-end Titanium packagePower driver’s seat – optional on Titanium

The Jetta takes a different approach. The materials, although inexpensive, look more presentable than those of the Focus. The set of safety and comfort systems is also not small, but without ostentation. The Highline configuration car has the same six airbags, ABS, ESP, ASR, dual-zone climate control, cruise control and other “joys” as the opponent. What is missing in comparison with the top-end Focus? The driver’s seat has electric drives, but the adjustments are the same. The Jetta’s headlights are not bi-xenon, but halogen, and it does not know how to park itself, although there are eight proximity sensors in a circle. There is no BLIS system either. But there is something that neither its previous generation nor Focus had in the current one – EDL. This is an electronic automatic front differential locking system, which significantly increases the car’s agility when starting off and increases its stability in the arc of a quick turn. But it must be admitted that the Jetta, with a much smaller maximum set of options, is more expensive than the sophisticated Focus. This means that Ford is “tastier.”

Which is better: Volkswagen Jetta or Ford Focus

A good question, the answer to which is far from obvious, because representatives of two opposing styles are being compared. If you prefer a solid looking car, the Jetta is your choice. For those who prefer cars with a bright and memorable design, the Focus is more suitable. The cost factor should also be taken into account – for the same money the German will be better equipped. How much is up to you to decide, and we recommend making the final assessment after testing both models. Fortunately, most car dealerships provide this opportunity.