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Pre-match team statistics

Parameter North Carolina Tar Heels Radford Highlanders
Average points per match 141.3 131.6
Average team points per match 72.8 67.3
Average opponent points per match 68.6 64.3
Average free throws per game 27.1 21.2
Team’s average free throws per game 14.8 10.6
Average opponent free throws per game 12.3 10.6
Average two-pointers per game 37.9 36.7
Average two-point teams per game 17.7 19.3
Average two-point attempts by opponent per game 20.3 17.4

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Radford Highlanders trends before this match

The trends on this page are shown at the start of the match for your convenience. To see the latest and hottest trends, visit the team page Radford Highlanders

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General General Radford Highlanders Rivals

In 8 matches in a row, a total of at least 119 points were earned. In 9 matches in a row, a total of no more than 147 points were earned. In 5 matches in a row, the total number of penalty points did not rise above 24. In 5 matches in a row, the total number of blocks did not rise above 6. In 20 matches in a row, the total number of interceptions. does not rise above 15 In 9 consecutive games, no more than 55 points were scored on field goals In 13 consecutive games, the total number of fouls in a team’s matches does not fall below 24 In 12 consecutive games, there are no more than 42 fouls per game