How to reset EPB error on Camry 70. How to reset EPB error on Toyota Camry 70

EPB error

Hi all. This is what happened to my car: Before 10,000, 600 km were not enough, and then problems began on the way from Belarus. After about 300 km of driving, the EPB light came on and the message Contact the dealer, I stopped, realized what the error was, turned off the car, smoked, got into the car, started it and the error disappeared, but the handbrake button did not light up for the gearbox position in P mode, well I think, okay, I switched the transmission to D mode, realized that the car was moving and continued driving. After 100 km the situation repeated itself. Upon arrival at MSC, I signed up for a scheduled maintenance with the dealer and reported what had happened. Result: we carried out maintenance, set up the electronic handbrake, when the gearbox is in P, the handbrake will hold out, and in position D it will automatically release. The master also said that this was the first time such a situation had happened with this car and they wrote to the dealership, they returned the car, and now we are waiting for a response from the dealership, preliminary 10 days.

Injector error on Lexus

Sometimes the unpleasant message “Injectors need to be checked” may appear on cars. This inscription is a direct reminder that you need to fill the fuel system cleaner. This inscription appears automatically every 10,000. The important thing is that the system does not recognize whether the product was previously filled or not. To reset this message you need to follow a simple algorithm:

  1. We start the car. We turn off all electricity consumers (climate, music, headlights, parking sensors, etc.)
  2. We turn off the car, then start it again. Turn on the side lights and press the brake pedal 4 times.
  3. Turn off the side lights and press the brake pedal again 4 times.
  4. We turn on the dimensions again and press the brake 4 more times.
  5. And again turn off the headlights completely and press the brake 4 times for the last time.

These simple actions will get rid of the annoying recording and the nervous bundle of worries inside.

Working principle of EPB

The operating principle of the electromechanical parking brake is cyclical: it turns on and off.

EPB is activated using a button on the central tunnel in the car. The electric motor, through a gearbox and screw drive, attracts the brake pads to the brake disc. In this case, the latter is rigidly fixed.

And the parking brake is turned off when the car starts. This action occurs automatically. You can also turn off the electronic handbrake by pressing the button while the brake pedal is already pressed.

During the process of turning off the EPB, the control unit analyzes parameters such as: the magnitude of the slope, the position of the gas pedal, the position and release speed of the clutch pedal. Thanks to this, it becomes possible to turn off the EPB in a timely manner, including shutdown with a time delay. This prevents the vehicle from rolling back when starting on an incline.

Most vehicles equipped with EPB have an Auto Hold button next to the handbrake button. This is very convenient for cars with automatic transmission. This function is especially relevant in city traffic jams with frequent stops and starts. When the driver presses the “Auto Hold” button, there is no need to hold down the brake pedal after stopping the car.

When stationary for a long time, the EPB turns on automatically. The electric parking handbrake will also engage automatically if the driver turns off the ignition, opens the door or unfastens the seat belt.

ABS fault codes, possible faults

ABS system error codes make repairs much easier. If the anti-lock brake system malfunction indicator light comes on, it means that it has become completely inoperable. Continuing to drive, especially on slippery roads, is dangerous. In most cases, the cause of the malfunction may be the failure of one of the sensors. If the error code shows a malfunction in the circuit of any sensor, for example, the rear left one, again, you should not immediately start replacing it. Most often this is due to damage to the electrical wiring leading to it. Sometimes there are up to three wiring faults along the way to the rear sensors.

If the error code corresponds to an incorrect signal value for a particular sensor, the working area may be dirty, or the gap may be increased due to small stones.

Before replacing the sensor, it should be tested using a multimeter. The working sensor has a resistance in one of the directions from 700 to 1500 Ohms.

Below are error codes with explanations and possible malfunctions.


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