How to release shift lock in Cadillac Escalade

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What is this Shift Lock Release button on an automatic transmission for?

Shift Lock Release literally translated from English into Russian means canceling the gear shift lock. This button is located on the gearbox panel, to the left of the selector, above the mode symbols. But it is not supplemented with an explanatory inscription on all models and brands of cars.

The meaning of this option is not always presented in the manufacturer’s machine manual, since only the name is usually indicated there, without detailed explanations.

When trying to experiment with Shift Lock Release on the automatic transmission panel, the meaning of the key is difficult to determine. After clicking, you can note:

  • no additional sounds appeared;
  • the new indication was not reflected on the instrument panel;
  • the engine and gearbox operate as usual;
  • the button does not stay pressed and returns to its original position.
Shift Lock Release

This function is necessary to remove the blockage of the transmission mechanism in situations where you need to switch the automatic transmission to a position not provided for by current conditions. For example, the selector cannot be moved from the “P” mode to the forward position until the engine is started.

But by holding down the Shift Lock key, you can move the lever to any of the desired positions.

Shift Lock Release – button location

How to use the Shift Lock Release button

Using the option is very simple. In a difficult situation, when the engine has stalled or there is no key, you just need to press Shift Lock Release and hold the key and move the automatic transmission handle to the desired position. In some cases, the button may be covered with a plastic cap, which protects it from accidental pressing. In this case, you will also need a screwdriver or other similar tool to remove the load and press the button.

The main purpose of this option is to help in emergency situations of the following type:

  • The car stalled as it exited the parking lot;
  • A breakdown occurred at a traffic light or highway while driving;
  • The car does not start while in the garage;
  • You need to move a working car a little, but the key is left at home.

In all of the above situations, the unlocking function turns out to be indispensable and allows you to save time and avoid additional breakdowns associated with the movement of a locked car. This option was introduced by manufacturers specifically for emergencies and emergencies and is a standard solution that does not harm the gearbox mechanism.

To summarize, it is worth saying that depending on the car model and the exterior of the cabin, the Shift Lock Release key may vary in shape and size. But on modern cars with automatic equipment it must be in order. If you find yourself in a difficult situation involving stopping the engine and locking the gearbox, do not forget about the purpose of this key and the function it has.