AC Schnitzer tuning on the BMW M440i Gran Coupe (G26)!

Why Seven Force


Our team consists of experienced personnel who allow us to complete the task in the shortest possible time and with the highest quality.

Result guarantee

We have many ready-made and proven solutions for all popular cars, but we can also individually make changes to the software at your request.

Firmware test drive

You make payment only after a test ride and if everything suits you, then you pay for this service.

Official documents For all our work we provide official documents and a guarantee for a period of 1 year.

Additional software options

Prices are valid subject to the purchase of Stage 3 software. The final cost is agreed upon with the manager.

Option name Price
Disabling the diesel particulate filter for free
Disabling the catalyst for free
Disabling the EGR system for free
Urea shutdown for free
Disabling the intake manifold flaps for free
Disabling errors for free
Disabling the START/STOP system for free
Disabling / activating cold start for free
Disabling the mass air flow sensor for free
BMW / MINI sports instruments 5,000 rub.
Removing the maximum speed limiter for free
Shootings/popcorn for free
Firmware with warranty preservation (BMW / MINI / VAG) 10,000 rub.
Shifts without releasing boost pressure 10,000 rub.

Each car is individual. That is why we make software adjustments for each car and try to measure acceleration dynamics BEFORE and AFTER tuning.

Final results may differ from those indicated. Since power and torque are affected by the type and quality of fuel, ambient temperature and the general technical condition of the car

Dynamic performance is also affected by weather conditions, vehicle weight and equipment, conditions, diameter, width, model and condition of tires.

For additional consultation, contact us by phone +7 (499) 110-31-27


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