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The latest version of the Kia Sorento showcases a stylish and modern design. Aesthetically pleasing and carefully crafted, this car epitomizes modern sophistication. Its sleek lines gracefully outline the body, exuding elegance and dynamism. The Sorento commands attention with its confident presence on the road. From all angles, its carefully sculpted form demonstrates a harmonious combination of strength and refinement. The front fascia features a striking grille that symbolizes Kia’s design identity and enhances the car’s charismatic appeal. In profile, the Sorento exudes purpose and smoothness.

The Sorento’s interior exudes a harmonious blend of comfort, style and technological innovation. Interior space has been carefully designed to suit the needs of both driver and passengers, providing a truly enhanced driving experience. Attention to detail is evident throughout the Sorento’s cabin. High quality materials and impeccable craftsmanship create an atmosphere of sophisticated luxury. Soft-touch surfaces and premium upholstery adorn the seats, enveloping occupants in comfort and elegance.

Curb weight 1801 kg
Fuel tank volume 67 l
Luggage compartment volume – minimum 910 l
Luggage compartment volume – maximum 2100 l
Length 4810 mm
Width 1900 mm
Height 1690 mm
Wheelbase 2815 mm

Handling and off-road performance

After the generation change, the Korean SUV received a lot of electronics, which is why it began to show improvement in its behavior on the road. Thanks to the built-in assistants, the KIA Sorento is quite easy to control, regardless of the driving conditions. In addition, the presence of electronics virtually eliminates the possibility that the crossover will break away from its trajectory and go into a skid.

Despite the fact that the KIA Sorento is a representative of the SUV segment, thanks to the presence of an all-wheel drive system and other features, the car is not inferior to SUVs in many respects. It will not be a serious problem for him to overcome a snow drift or a washed-out dirt section of the road.

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Note to car enthusiasts: how to choose a crossover

Many car enthusiasts want to purchase a crossover, as it is a universal option that is suitable for both the city and outdoor trips. There are three options:

  • compact budget models are ideal for the city;
  • mid-size crossovers are more versatile; they are almost full-fledged SUVs;
  • the full-size version is suitable for a large family, as it has 7-9 seats.

An important selection criterion is the technical characteristics, design and cost of the crossover. Only after all the arguments have been weighed can a choice be made.

Description of Kia Sorento

The rapid appearance of the new Kia Sorento crossover emphasizes the dynamic characteristics and strength of a solid car. The decisive and bold front end features a brutal radiator grille with a diamond-shaped honeycomb, projector LED headlights, and a powerful bumper with a lowered air intake.

All interior elements of the spacious cabin have been thought through: comfortable seats with lateral support, a 12.3-inch digital instrument panel, a 10.25-inch display of a multimedia system with navigation, a premium audio system, a head-up display, a windshield, a climate control unit. control on the elegant center console. The crossover is offered in a five- or seven-seater version. The engine range includes two petrol and one diesel units with power up to 249 hp.

The official dealer in Moscow Major Kia offers to buy the Kia Sorento crossover from stock or to order a car in an individual configuration at an attractive price. The dealer’s service center offers maintenance services.

Kia Sorento is a car that will sell very well not only in the primary but also in the secondary market. A large number of options, a modern appearance, an innovative and spacious interior, and a full third row of seats will not leave you indifferent. Once you get used to all this, it will be difficult to switch to another car, because now the Kia Sorento is already a premium car.

The updated Kia Sorento crossover in the fourth generation boasts a luxurious appearance and a rich interior. What makes the car stand out most is the front and rear thanks to its unusual dual taillights. If we take into account the front part of the model, it boasts a luxurious polygonal and massive radiator grille designed in a honeycomb style. Against the backdrop of narrow headlights, head optics, as well as neat LED foglights, look minimalistic. We should also highlight the massive air intake on the bumper, which sets the basic style of the car and gives its appearance a certain aggressiveness. If we talk about the side parts of the car, they turned out to be stylish and slightly rounded.

As for the car’s interior, it provides the practicality inherent in Kia models, as well as an abundance of decorative elements that emphasize the high status of the model. Here, motorists are offered not only simple control, but also comfort.

Interior and equipment

The 2023 Kia Sorento’s cabin features a large curved unit that includes an instrument panel screen and a multimedia display, both 12.3 inches diagonal. Because of this, the front panel has been redesigned: the central ventilation deflectors have become horizontal, and the climate control unit itself is new. Multimedia – the latest ccNC system, equipped with a fingerprint scanner and an over-the-air software update function.

© KIA Motors Corporation

In terms of equipment, the updated crossover has become richer: it can now have 10 airbags instead of the “modest” eight, and a crosswind stability control system has appeared, which is important for a car with a tall body and decent windage. The list of options after restyling includes an electric tailgate, a digital interior mirror (shows the image from the camera), a head-up display and a rich set of driver assistants.

Technical specifications

Under the hood of the Kia Sorento 2023 there can be one of 3 available engines. There is a diesel engine with 199 horsepower, a 2.5-liter gasoline unit with 180 horsepower, and at the top is a 3.5-liter internal combustion engine that develops 249 horsepower. When it comes to fuel economy, the Sorento boasts impressive fuel economy figures. Depending on the engine option, you can choose between automatic and manual transmission. When it comes to choosing a drive type, the Sorento offers front-wheel drive (FWD) and all-wheel drive (AWD). The dimensions of the car are 4810x1900x1690 mm in length, width and height, respectively. To meet your storage needs, the Kia Sorento offers a spacious trunk.

Fuel consumption (urban) 11.6 l/100 km
Fuel consumption (outside the city) 6.8 l/100 km
Fuel consumption (combined) 8.5 l/100 km
Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h 10.1 s
Maximum speed 195 km/h
Fuel type Petrol
Power 160 hp at 5500 rpm.
Torque 258 Nm at 1500 rpm.
Engine location Anterior, transverse
Engine capacity 2497 cm 3
Number of cylinders 4
Cylinder position Row
Number of valves per cylinder 4
Fuel system
Turbine No

Start of sales

The next, fourth generation of the popular Korean SUV was officially presented in February 2020. Later, in October of the same year, the car appeared at dealers in the Russian Federation. Today, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a KIA Sorento on the Russian market, since the assembly of new models at the Kaliningrad Avtotor automobile plant has been suspended. Probably the only possible option to purchase a car in our country is to bring it through a parallel import scheme.

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