A9 Wi-Fi Mini Camera. Instructions in Russian. (RU)


APP download software

Method 1: Scan the QR code (Picture 1) directly to go to the loading screen (Picture 2). Select the appropriate software to download according to your mobile phone system. (Note: . This type of installation is only available for mainland China).

Method 2: For Android phones, search for the Google app named “HDMiniCam” on Google Play, download and install it. For Iphone, APP called “HDMiniCam” in App Store, download and install it.

Connecting your phone to the camera

Enter your phone settings where the Wi-Fi signal is located, find the signal (this is the unique machine UID number for each machine) and connect. as it shown on the picture

Then open the phone APP (IMINICAM), as shown in the picture, this signal UID device UID of each machine is different, even after clicking the plus sign shown above to add to the camera as shown below.

Click to start viewing the live camera.


For dementia patients or children, it is advisable to make a separate socket for installing the camera so that the plug cannot be pulled out. There are no batteries or rechargeable batteries in this model.

The IP camera is safely fixed in a convenient place, the power supply does not heat up at all. The image quality of the EC80-Y13 is very good, even in complete darkness (the infrared illumination automatically turns on).

To rotate the camera horizontally or tilt it, just swipe your finger across the smartphone screen. There are special arrow buttons for the program under Windows.

One of the downsides of the 360Eyes Pro is the lack of ability to flip the camera image for upside-down operation (when it is suspended from the ceiling), but on a smartphone you can turn off the auto-rotate screen, and the view becomes more convenient.


If the camera is located far from the router and the WiFi signal is weak, then you can make the connection using a network cable (twisted pair). There is no need to make any additional settings.

When installing the camera outdoors, the connector connections must be protected from moisture. To do this, next to the camera you need to install a mounting box in which the camera connectors will be connected to the power cable and network cable. Additionally, you can use the included kit to protect the RJ-45 connector.

You can learn how to crimp a twisted pair by reading the article How to make a patch cord with your own hands.


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