What does the service engine light mean on an Infiniti soon?

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What to do if the sign SERVICE ENGINE SOON (SES) lights up (blinks)?

This inscription on the instrument panel indicates that there is a malfunction in the car.

Technical Center Infinity Parts produces diagnostics and repair any vehicle systems.

First, you need a professional diagnosis of Infinity. Now the most important thing is the correct diagnosis, otherwise you pay!!! incompetence of a specialist and elimination of a non-existent breakdown.

And we have more than enough such cases: clients come from services where non-existent faults were repaired for them, and then they shrugged.

And self-diagnosis is like self-medication…

Therefore, we wanted to post Infiniti fault codes on the website – we changed our minds!

It’s not a pity – it won’t help, it may even harm! Instead of this…

Infiniti check engine light codes

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P0100 MAF Sensor P0105 MAP Sensor IAT Sensor P0110 ECT Sensor P0115 P0120 TP Sensor ECT Sensor P0125 P0130 Closed Loop Bank 1 or Front O2S Bank 1 P0131 Front O2 Sensor Bank 1 Tilt Shift Control P0132 Front O2 Sensor Bank 1 Shift Control System P0133 Front O2 Sensor Bank 1 Response Monitor P0134 Front O2 Sensor Bank 1 High Voltage P0135 Front HO2S Heater Bank 1 P0136 Rear O2S Bank 1 P0137 Rear O2S Bank 1 Under Voltage Monitor P0138 Rear O2S Bank 1 High Voltage Monitor P0139 Rear O2S Bank 1 Response Monitor P0140 Rear O2S Bank 1 High Voltage P0141 Rear H02S Heater Bank 1 P0150 Closed Loop Bank 2 or Front O2S Bank 2 P0151 O2 Sensor On Front Panel Bank 2 Shift Control P0152 Front O2 Sensor Bank 2 Shift Control P0153 Front O2 Sensor Bank 2 Response Control P0154 Front Panel O2 Sensor Bank 2 Voltage High P0155 Front HO2S Heater Bank 2 2 P0156 Rear Sensor H02S, LH Bank P0157 P0158 P0159 P0160 Oxygen Sensor P0161 Rear Heater H02S, LH, Bank or Bank 2 P0171 Fuel System Lean Bank 1 P0172 Fuel System Bank 1 P0174 Fuel System Tilt Bank 2 P0175 Fuel System Rich Bank 2 Fuel Tank Temperature Sensor P0180 P0300 Random Misfire P0301 to P0308 Misfire, Cylinders No. 1 – 8 P0325 Knock Sensor Bank 1 P0330 Knock Sensor Bank 2 P0335 CKP (Pos) Sensor P0340 CMP EGR P0400 P04 02 EGRC valve /BPT P0403 EGR Volume Control Valve Circuit P0420 TW Catalyst System, Bank 1 P0430 TW Catalyst System, Bank 2 P0440 EVAP Small Leak P0443 Purge Control/V&S/V P0446 Vent Valve P0450 EVAP Pressure Sensor P0500 Vehicle Speed ​​Sensor Valve P0505 IACV/ AAC P0510 Closed TP Sensor P0600 A/T Comm Line P0605 ECM/ECU P0705 PNP or Inhibitor Switch P0710 ATF Temperature Sensor P0720 VSS A/T P0725 Engine RPM Signal P0731 A/T 1st Signal P0732 A/T 2ND Signal P0733 A/ T 3rd Signal P0734 A/T 4th Signal or TCC P0740 TCC SV Solenoid P0744 A/T TCC Signal P0745 Line Pressure S/V P0750 Shift Solenoid/VA P0755 Shift Solenoid/VB P1105 MAP Switch/BARO SOL/ V P1110 Intake Valve Timing Control, LH Bank P1120 TP Sensor 2 Tandem TP Sensor P1125 P1130 Swirl Valve Control Solenoid Valve P1135 Intake Valve Timing Control, RH Bank 2 P1140 Intake Valve Timing Control Position Sensor, Left Bank 1 P1145 Intake Valve Timing Control Position Sensor , bank RH 2 P1148 Closed circuit, bank 1 P1165 Vacuum control swirl control valve. P1168 Closed Loop Bank 2 P1210 Traction Control Circuit P1220 FPCM P1320 Ignition Signal Primary P1335 CKP Sensor (Ref) P1336 CKP Sensor (POS) Cog P1400 EGRC Solenoid/V P1401 EGR Temperature Sensor EGR P 1402 P1440 EVAP Small leak P1441 VC/V Bypass/V P1443 Canister Control Vacuum Switch P1444 Purge Volume Control/V P1445 Purge Volume Control/V Pressure Relief Valve P1446 P1447 EVAP Purge Flow Pressure Relief Valve P1448 P1490 VC/V Bypass/V P1491 VC Cut/V Bypass /V P1492 Purge Control/VS/V P1493 Purge Control/V & S/V P1605 A/T Diag Comm Line P1705 TP Sensor A/T P1706 PNP Switch P1760 Freewheel S/V Cooling Fan P1900

What’s in fact:

It is very important to understand that SES is not a cause, but a consequence of a malfunction. Using special devices or simply disconnecting the battery for a long time (about 20 hours), the error can be erased and SES will go out, but this will not eliminate the problem.

Even if you probably know the reason for the appearance of SES and it has been eliminated (for example, the gas tank cap was not tightened enough – you tightened it), but SES remains on, you cannot drive!

Another, more serious malfunction may occur, but you won’t know about it – SES is already on…

You need to visit a dealer or Infinity Parts, for example.

Insist on recording the detected fault codes (a Consult printout or at least entering the codes into the work order. In the future, if the fault cannot be eliminated immediately, they can be of great help in troubleshooting, including at another service.

It is always necessary to carefully analyze error codes with the help of specialists, relying on their knowledge, experience and service manual (repair book).

The computer “sees” only the electrical component of the car; it cannot diagnose breakdowns or mechanical damage to parts, but indirectly, through sensor readings, a “big-headed” specialist will be able to find the fault.