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Body and interior

The front of the Audi Q7 is equipped with an impressive radiator grille with chrome vertical stripes and the Audi logo. The headlights have LED technology and adaptive lighting system. The bumper is equipped with large air intakes and a protective trim. On the side of the body of the German crossover there are elongated wheel arches, raised sills, and chrome moldings. The rear of the SUV is highlighted by horizontal LED lights, a spoiler and dual exhaust pipes. The roof of the Audi Q7 can be equipped with a panoramic sunroof or roof rails for carrying cargo. The Audi Q7 body is available in various colors, including blue, black, green, white, red, gray.

The restyled Audi Q7 features a comfortable and stylish interior. Among the materials used in its decoration are leather, high-quality plastic, aluminum and wood. The interior of the car has a seven-seat configuration, and the ability to fold the second and third rows of seats provides an impressive amount of cargo space. The Audi Q7 has a 12.3-inch digital display on its dashboard, and a multimedia touchscreen is located at the top of the console. The salon is divided into four temperature control zones with the possibility of individual settings. In addition, it is equipped with heated and ventilated seats. It should be noted that there is a powerful audio complex, as well as many security systems and driving assistants that make the trip more comfortable and safe.

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Everyone would like to quickly achieve their goal. And you are already there

In 4.8 seconds your car accelerates to 100 km/h. If desired, the rapid increase in speed will continue further up to a maximum of 250 km/h, limited electronically. Audi S Q7 TDI with 4.0 TDI engine producing 422 hp. With. develops torque up to 900 Nm. Power on demand, in virtually unlimited quantities – that’s what it is. These capabilities are achieved thanks to an electrically driven compressor powered by a second on-board 48 V power supply. Permanent quattro all-wheel drive with a sports differential, controlled rear suspension and active electromechanical roll stabilization ensure dynamics and excellent handling even at high speeds.

Not everyone has a personal assistant. And you have several of them at once

Whether in the city or beyond, tireless assistants will support you everywhere. When traveling long distances, the Adaptive Driving Assist in combination with adaptive cruise control and lane keeping assist will help. If there is no activity on the part of the driver, the emergency assistant will sound a warning signal and, if necessary, apply braking until it comes to a complete stop. All-round cameras, traffic assistant at intersections and many other electronic assistance systems will help when entering and leaving a parking lot, when maneuvering, turning and in other situations.

Handling in the city and off-road

The Audi Q7 2023 is a versatile car that performs well both in the city and off-road. In urban environments, it provides a comfortable and smooth ride, thanks to its efficient suspension and excellent sound insulation. It also demonstrates excellent handling and dynamics, making it a good choice for city life.

In addition, the Audi Q7 has most of the necessary off-road characteristics. Thanks to Quattro all-wheel drive and adaptive suspension, it can easily cope with any road conditions, including mud, snow, sand and other difficult surfaces. It also comes with different riding modes that allow you to choose the most suitable option for your specific situation. Although the Q7 is not a full-fledged “framework”, it is quite capable of coping with most off-road situations.

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Absolute Power

The new Audi Q7 2022-2023 is equipped with a permanent quattro all-wheel drive system, which ensures excellent vehicle cross-country ability regardless of road conditions, and a modern energy recovery system, which allows you to save fuel when coasting or braking. The model’s equipment list also includes adaptive air suspension, a multifunctional multimedia complex, parking and lane keeping assistants and other useful options. In addition, a controlled rear suspension is available to order, making maneuvering easier and making sporty driving even more exciting.