Target Auto Sales in North Hollywood, CA

Mechanics of an advertising campaign

A myTarget campaign for a car dealer was launched from scratch. The advertising was targeted at residents of St. Petersburg aged 25 to 55 years. To promote Mitsubishi cars, they chose the “Carousel” and “Multiformat” formats, and promotional posts were also used.

First stage: preparation and launch of promotion of the Mitsubishi Outlander car

A list of key queries for the Mitsubishi Outlander model and recommendations from the myTarget advertising account helped form an audience segment that was divided into men and women. They were shown ads with images of a car (exterior and interior) in the “Carousel” format. Afterwards, we launched a promotional post with an emphasis on special conditions from the dealer.

Advertisement in the “Carousel” format with special conditions

Intermediate result: in the first few days we received eight leads worth less than 2.5 thousand rubles.

Stage two: scaling

Next, the team decided to scale the advertising campaign. To do this, we used a list of key queries about the Mitsubishi brand without reference to a specific car model (for example, “buy Mitsubishi”, “Mitsubishi dealer”, “Mitsubishi price” and others). Based on the selected key queries, we received the largest coverage in the segment that was targeted by four campaigns – separately for men and separately for women.

Intermediate result: over the next six days, we received 29 targeted requests worth 1,206 rubles, 20 of which generated new campaigns.

Third stage: connecting local targeting

At the third stage, we decided to enable local targeting. Advertisements were now also shown to those who visited competitor dealerships.

Intermediate result: this tool did not suit the team and brought 12 leads at a fairly high cost – more than 3.5 thousand rubles. For this reason, locally targeted campaigns have been disabled.

In total, within the first two weeks after the launch, the campaign in myTarget generated 39 leads worth 2,421 rubles, and the conversion of requests to purchases was 2.56%.

Fourth stage: launch of promotion of the Mitsubishi ASX car

Then, without stopping the campaign to promote the Mitsubishi Outlander, the advertiser began promoting another model – the Mitsubishi ASX. For this purpose, similar formats and tools were used.

Advertisement to promote Mitsubishi ASX

Also at this stage, we added an advertising campaign for the Mitsubishi brand as a whole with general queries (for example, “buy Mitsubishi”, “Mitsubishi price” and others). The advertisements were shown to residents of St. Petersburg aged 25 to 55 years in the “Carousel” format.

Intermediate result: 69 leads at a cost of 2,741 rubles, the conversion of requests into purchases was 10%. The dealer sold seven cars.

Work process

During the work, traffic was driven by:

  • to the group (with a call to subscribe)
  • to goods (with an invitation to familiarize yourself with the goods)
  • in community messages (with a call to write what spare part is needed)

This way we received new subscribers and requests from customers interested in purchasing.

What worked well


In general, all audiences give good results. Audiences that worked best were:

  • VAZ/LADA auto parts groups
  • VAZ tuning groups
  • interested audience
  • keyword queries


The formats used were universal post, post with a button, carousel and product promotion. The carousel worked best.

Works well in ads:

The best ad looked like this:


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