Refreshed 2022 Acura RDX adds wireless CarPlay, updated drive modes

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How to activate “do not disturb while driving” on the RDX?

Press and hold the (Talk) button to activate Siri. (Talk) Button: Press and hold to activate Siri. Press again to deactivate Siri. Press and release to activate standard voice recognition system. Operating Apple CarPlay with Siri 1Operating Apple CarPlay with Siri Below are examples of questions and commands for Siri: • What movies are playing today?

How to connect iPhone to Acura RDX via USB?

No matter if you want connect iPhone 5, 6 or 7 to your Acura RDXthe operation will be similar, we will see two different procedures to connect your Iphone via USB to your car.

Connect your iPhone with CarPlay via USB to your Acura RDX

First of all, you can connect your Iphone to USB via CarPlay. To do this, your car must be equipped with CarPlay and a USB plug. You can find a list of CarPlay compatible models here. Make sure you check that the year of your Acura RDX allows this option. Once completed, here are the steps you need to follow to establish a connection between your Iphone and your Acura RDX:

  • Start a car
  • Turn on Siri if you haven’t already.
  • Connect your iPhone 4/5/6/7/8 to the USB port of your Acura RDX.
  • Check the connection on your car radio, it may ask you to check the code on your iPhone screen.

Connect your iPhone via USB to the car radio on your Acura RDX

Second possibility, you can connect your iPhone to Acura RDX via USB Even if your car is not equipped with CarPlay, you will need a car radio for this, which can be found, for example, in a car center, and it has a USB port. Finally, you will only need to connect your Iphone via USB cable to enjoy music and its other features.

CarPlay BOX with navigation for Acura RDX on the standard radio – NaviPilot CarPlay BOX ULTRA Acura RDX

CPU 8×2 GHz, 8 GB RAM, 128 GB Internal memory, Android 12, 4G LTE modem NAVIPILOT CarPlay BOX ULTRA runs on the Android 12 system and allows you to use Yandex Navigator, YouTube and any other applications from the Android Google Play store on your standard monitor Acura RDX car equipped with the CarPlay system. Navigation with traffic jams, Internet, mail, YouTube, watching your favorite movies and TV series, online radio with thousands of radio stations, Internet television, communicating with friends on social networks and instant messengers, games and much, much more!