Can you replace the battery in a Ford Explorer?

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How does Ford Explorer battery charging work?

Before we describe the various Ford Explorer battery charging problems we’ll explain to you how its charging system works so you can understand what problems you’re facing. A car battery works like a phone battery, storing energy to run your Ford Explorer. , turn on the headlights, play the music, roll down the power windows… However, all of these activities consume energy and can deplete the amount of energy your battery can store. To solve this problem, engineers created an element called generator , this element will use the energy generated by the engine of your Ford Explorer to generate power thanks to its copper coil and magnet. This energy will recharge your car battery . However, keep in mind that this process may simply work while your car is running, using your car’s electrical components while it is stopped will reduce your car’s energy reserve. It is believed that The battery life of xxx is 3 to 5 years.

Which batteries are best?

Today, there are several dozen batteries on the market for various Ford Explorer configurations, ranging from 2014 to 2018. However, among them the following three types are the most suitable:

  1. American 65-850. Maintenance free battery type, which uses a calcium alloy – it is this that ensures long battery life and stability of all technical characteristics. The service life of this battery, according to the manufacturer, is at least 5 years.
  2. SOLITE 65-820. Battery made in South Korea, which is mainly intended for use on Hyundai and KIA brands. But, despite this, the technical properties of this battery fully correspond to the features of an American SUV, thereby ensuring a long service life.
  3. CENE DELKOR 100.1. Another battery from a South Korean manufacturer, the main feature of which is the production of grids using cold forging. This ensures a high level of battery resistance to vibration, which is especially important when operating a vehicle in rough terrain.

All of the above batteries are perfect for installation in a Ford Explorer, but special attention should be paid to the last option, as it combines not only a long service life and an affordable price, but also excellent vibration resistance.

How to solve battery charging problem on Ford Explorer?

Now we will give you solutions depending on the problem you are facing. Here are the various problems and how to solve them:

  • Faulty alternator: You can try using a basic mechanics test to check it with a pressure gauge to see if it is producing power. If this does not happen, your best bet is to replace it, depending on your engine you will pay several hundred euros. This fix is ​​possible if your generator is available.
  • A battery that no longer holds a charge: In this case, buying a new battery is just a feasible remedy. In fact, if you have already recharged it and it is still empty because it can be changed, count between 60 and 100 euros depending on your engine.
  • Ground in Electrical Circuit: If you can’t start your Ford Explorer but the alternator and battery are in good condition, you may have a ground in your wiring harness and are losing power, this needs to be checked by a vehicle electrician. this case is mandatory.