Metal entrance doors from the manufacturer Lux-Doors

Contents of the material


Premium door leaves are distinguished by their high practicality, natural materials and enhanced aesthetic properties. The designs are popular among buyers because they meet all quality guarantees and are practical to use.


  • Versatility. Luxury interior doors are suitable for installation in any interior, as they have a huge variety.
  • Safety. During the production process, only high-quality natural wood species that have passed a preliminary quality check are used.
  • Care. The canvases can be cared for, including wet cleaning with the addition of detergents.
  • Affordable price. Despite the fact that the doors are luxury, they are quite affordable.
  • Sustainability. The Lux door is not exposed to moisture or temperature changes, which makes it possible to install it in rooms with high humidity.
  • A wide range of. A huge number of different models are periodically supplemented with exquisite new products, including unusual design solutions.

Luxury interior doors are durable in use because they are made only from natural wood and coated with safe materials that significantly increase their service life.

Doors from the manufacturer inexpensively

The most common question asked by both women and men is “Where can I buy doors?” Someone comes to a hardware store and chooses the first doors that catch their eye. Someone is ordering doors in the online store . Whatever purchasing method you choose, the most important thing is the manufacturer. In this case, it will depend on the manufacturer how the door is made. Choose reliable companies that provide quality certificates, a long warranty, and the possibility of replacement in case of defects. Here is a small list of manufacturers that make high-quality and reliable doors: “Verda”, “Argus”, “Triadoors RF”, “GRADVER”, “Condor”, “Volzhskie Doors”, “YOSHKAR”. These factories produce high-quality entrance and interior doors of economy and elite class.

Product characteristics

Main characteristics:

  • Folding door opening system
  • Hinges with lifting and lowering mechanism
  • Hinge profile with lifting and lowering mechanism
  • Possible sizes from 120 cm to 190 cm
  • Standard height 190 cm
  • Tempered glass M1 wall 6 mm, door 6 mm
  • Wall mount on profile
  • Profile width adjustment: +10/-5 mm

Additional features: Any sizes can be made to order, 14 working days Coating with a water-repellent GuteClean layer Application of ornaments according to the catalog It is possible to complete with colored glass It is possible to paint profiles and fittings in any color Standard equipment: Matte chrome profile Matte chrome fittings Colorless glass, tempered M1 Pallet included in the price of the product Excluded