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Choosing a Dodge RAM

When choosing a Dodge Ram, pay attention to the variety of limited edition trim levels that will already set you apart from the general mass of the company’s pickup trucks – Rumble Bee, Daytona, Longhorn. For lovers of off-road driving, there is a Dodge Ram Powerwagon option – which has a standard lift, a winch, forced transmission locks and many other useful little things in its arsenal.

There is plenty of space in the MegaCAB at the back

For those who do not have enough space in the second row, there is an enlarged cab – the Dodge Ram MegaCab, with a huge limousine-like rear door and the ability to sit in the back, crossing your legs. This, of course, is more expensive than the basic configuration, but you are not buying a car to transport manure to the ranch! And is it worth saving on yourself?

Main problems of Dodge RAM

Electrical equipment

The main problems associated with the operation of Dodge Ram (especially the latest generations) can be considered electrical, especially frequent complaints regarding the unstable operation of the car’s digital bus (can bus). And since all the car’s electronics are controlled via the can bus, it’s hard to call it a trifle. De-synchronization of modules, loss of communication between them or sensors is a common occurrence.

Even a primitive installation of a set of xenon headlights is best left to professionals, since interference from the ignition units can easily cause a failure of the tire pressure monitoring system or front parking sensors.

Overloading the power cable by installing a pneumatic compressor or winch will change the PCM control algorithm not only in terms of charging the battery, but also in the exchange of data of some units, which will affect the operation of the vehicle systems as a whole.

Vita-Motors specialists, thanks to their accumulated experience, will install any additional equipment without such mistakes. A set of dealer diagnostic equipment DRBIII, StarSCAN and wiTECH, allows Vita-Motors electrician-diagnosticians not only to quickly find and fix the fault, but also to calibrate/adapt modules, register or rewrite keys and key fobs, and much more, on any Dodge Ram generations.

Problems with Dodge Ram parking sensors

Location of parking sensors on the rear bumper of Dodge RAM

The most common malfunction of standard parking sensors (Park system, in common parlance – parking sensors) on Dodge Ram cars is associated with the absence of mud flaps in the rear wheel arches. Most often, parking sensors installed at the edges of the bumper suffer: water, dirt and reagents flying onto the sensors lead to corrosion of not only the wiring, but also the sensors themselves.

The reason for the Dodge RAM parking sensor failure is water and dirt from under the wheels.

If you contact the service in time, you will be able to resolve the issue by repairing the wiring and subsequent sealing of the parking sensor. When time is lost and corrosion has irreversibly destroyed the sensor, then, alas, there is nothing to offer other than replacing the damaged sensor and wiring. The cost of replacing a parking sensor for a Dodge Ram owner will cost approximately 9,000 rubles (March 2015), this price includes the sensor itself, its replacement and sealing (including consumables). By the way, installing mud flaps on a Dodge Ram costs about half as much!


Common problems with the Dodge Ram 1500 chassis include self-destruction of the external spline joints of the front axle axle shafts and internal splined CV joints. That is, the CV joint “grenades” themselves remain fully operational, but all-wheel drive, due to the lack of engagement, is absent. Unfortunately, both the CV joint and the axle shaft will have to be replaced.

Vita-Motors recommends, in order to avoid such a problem, to periodically disassemble, clean the unit and apply fresh lubricant (4,000 rubles).

Replacing axle shafts and CV joints costs on average (including spare parts and consumables) just over 30,000 rubles.

The second most important problem can be called the steering rack. With careful operation, no questions arise about it even after 100,000 miles, but racers and those who like to take curbs while moving have to shell out almost a thousand dollars for a new original steering rack with replacement and wheel alignment adjustment. A non-original part is half the price.

The latest model year does not have a hydraulic steering drive, but an electric one, and the cost of the part is almost three times higher than the classic one!

Also, the Dodge Ram 1500 is sensitive to the wheel size: 35″ is the upper reasonable limit for off-road tires, and it’s generally better to install road tires on standard 20″ wheels: anything that exceeds these dimensions rapidly reduces the life of the front suspension parts.

The Dodge Ram 2500, for all its “steadfastness”, also has an “Achilles heel” – the tips and steering linkages (hinge joints), as well as progressive play of the ball joints. But it’s worth paying tribute to the “truck” – even with the roar of the BelAZ, it will drive, but with the 1500, if knocking and play occurs, you must urgently head closer to the service center to avoid the need to call a tow truck.


On Cummins engines, and they are known to be installed exclusively on Dodge Ram 2500/3500, the only problem can be considered the water pump (cooling system) – 10,000 rubles. (Mopar water pump) along with work and antifreeze. Non-original Cummins is significantly cheaper because it does not have the Chrysler logo on the packaging, although it does not differ in quality.

When pouring gasoline of questionable quality into a car equipped with a V8 5.7L Hemi engine, remember that replacing sixteen (!) spark plugs with work will empty your wallet by almost 8,000 rubles.

After 2006, HEMI series engines are equipped with a half-cylinder shutdown system, MDS – multi-displacement system, which imposes certain restrictions on the use of motor oil of a certain viscosity and its replacement period – for mileages up to 60-70,000 miles (100,000 km) it is recommended to use exclusively oils with specification according to SAE 5W20 and carry out a scheduled replacement at mileage of 7000 km (city) and 10000 km (highway). Subsequently, the use of oils with viscosity SAE 5W30 and 5W40 is allowed.

5.7L Hemi Engine Valve Springs

On the first 5.7 Hemi models, a design miscalculation was made in the valve springs – due to their high axial mobility, they were broken in half. The valve stopped working and the PCM signaled a misfire in one of the cylinders. Spare parts are supplied with springs equipped with a special “cup” that does not allow lateral displacement. A faulty spring can be replaced without disassembling the engine; just remove the valve cover. If a defect is detected, Vita-Motors specialists recommend replacing all valve springs of the 5.7L Hemi engine with modified ones, so as not to return to this issue in the future. On cars since 2006, this problem was solved on the assembly line.

Dodge Ram III – car review

Dodge Ram III / Dodge Ram III

Dodge Ram III is the third generation of powerful pickup trucks from Dodge. Ram III premiered in 2002. The model received a new exterior design, without losing the brutal style of the company’s lineup. From the previous generation model, the Dodge Ram III inherited an all-wheel drive system with a rigidly connected front axle. The transfer case is connected mechanically using a lever. A little later, a modification with electronically controlled transfer case appeared. The Dodge Ram III has a spacious and comfortable cabin. In the third generation model, the interior design was updated – the instrument panel acquired a more “European” look. The basic configuration includes climate control, cruise control, electric windows and mirrors. Under the hood of the Dodge Ram III can be located one of several powerful V-twin engines, which can be paired with a 5-, 6-speed manual or 4-, 5-speed automatic transmission. In 2006, engineers carried out a light restyling of the model. The exterior design was changed (optics, radiator grille), new options were added.