Kia K5 vs. Kia Optima We Break Down The Differences

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Appearance and dimensions

The Optima has been in production since 2016 without much change in appearance. Therefore, the car looks much duller than the more recent K5. The new product has a more aggressive and sporty appearance. The front bumper has larger air intakes, and the headlights have a sportier shape. When changing the model, the “family” features were preserved – a sloping roof and a chrome strip under the side windows.

The Kia K5 turned out to be 5 centimeters longer, almost 2 centimeters lower and with the same body width. There are no differences between the Kia K5 and Optima in terms of stated ground clearance – for both models it is 155 mm. Owners note that the K5 has become more difficult to drive. This is due to the longer wheelbase.

Comparison of configurations and prices

Another important point that needs to be considered when assessing which is better – Kia K5 or Kia Optima, is the prices for the car, as well as the equipment and technical equipment provided by the manufacturer. As for the price, it is almost the same, and the new car, despite its improved appearance, as well as a richer abundance of options, does not stand out much. To be precise, in the most affordable version the new product costs even less than its predecessor. In the top variation the situation is different, and the Kia Optima has a less impressive price tag. At the same time, it should be noted that the predecessor is cheaper than its successor, even in the charged version.

The new Kia K5 car is sold on the Russian automobile market for 1,489,900 – 2,199,900 rubles. Potential buyers can purchase this model in six main modifications. At the moment, there are no special versions for the car, however, the manufacturer plans to change this in the near future. As for options, already in the basic version the model is equipped with air conditioning, cruise control, electric mirrors, a multifunction steering wheel, LED headlights, a light sensor, and in addition, a whole set of electronic assistants and assistants for the driver. More expensive trim levels add multi-zone climate control, all-round cameras, parking sensors, a digital instrument panel, additional safety packages, a panoramic roof, as well as remote engine start and a head-up display. In the top versions, the standard gear selector is replaced with a stylish and neat washer.

Comparison of technical characteristics

Technically, there are no big changes when changing models. K5 became faster by 0.1 seconds, maximum speed increased from 202 to 212 kilometers per hour. Only front-wheel drive and only automatic are available. The only area where the Optima compares favorably is its claimed fuel economy. In the older model it is 7.8 liters, in the K5 it is 8.2, although the new product has become 15 kilograms lighter. This was achieved by adding high-strength alloys to the design of the machine.

Both models have a transverse engine, independent spring suspension and ventilated disc brakes. When switching to a new model, the headlight washers disappeared, a full-size spare tire is no longer available in the list of options, and only a spare tire remains.

The difference in engines is also in favor of the Kia Optima – it had a charged version with 245 hp. With. In K5 they abandoned such a unit. But its 2.5 GDI power unit produces 6 horsepower more: 194 versus 188 horsepower.

During tests, strong rolls and a light, “empty” steering wheel were noticed in the new car. In the Optima, the steering wheel is filled with more force, and the previous version takes turns more confidently. The car is built on a new platform, which is found only in the Hyundai Sonata.

Salon and trunk

Another key point to consider when comparing the Kia K5 and Kia Optima is the vehicles’ interior and luggage capacity. Here we can say with confidence that the new product has changed significantly compared to its predecessor. Moreover, this time the company’s engineers fully took into account the main comments that were initially put forward to the Kia Optima car in terms of interior design. Now this new product will not look like the most modest representative of the premium D segment, but it will also be able to compete with its direct competitors who are currently present on the Russian automobile market without any problems.

Compared to its predecessor, the new Kia K5 model received a massive front dashboard, which does not look like a modest option, but looks rich and stylish for its class. Changes also include the appearance of a digital dashboard, where the car enthusiast can independently place elements in accordance with his preferences. The tablet of a modern multimedia system has become many times larger and has changed the situation. Now the screen of the infotainment complex is facing the driver, which allows him to control the necessary assistants without any problems.

The gearbox selector is made in the same style, however, the flagship versions of the car do not have a standard lever; there is now a stylish washer. The central tunnel has undergone significant modernization, where the main control elements are now present. The interior of the car has become lighter. As for the multifunction steering wheel, it has remained almost unchanged. It should also be noted that the new car has added various decorative elements, and in addition, the location of the main control elements has become more practical.

Trunk capacity in premium sedans is not their strong point. However, when it comes to Kia cars, these figures are quite high. Despite significant modernization carried out by the South Korean manufacturers, the trunk of the Kia K5 and Kia Optima is the same and can hold up to 510 liters. Of course, the location and boundaries have changed somewhat, however, this did not affect the overall volume in any way.

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