2022 Volkswagen Taos SEL Interior Photo Gallery

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Since the German model was not previously sold in the Russian Federation, it is quite obvious that the 2022 Volkswagen Taos is offered by the manufacturer in a completely new body. Considering the fact that this cross is considered the “younger” brother of the Volkswagen Tiguan, the manufacturer offered lower prices for it, as well as revised configurations and technical specifications. All photos of the new SUV are published here.

The power parameters of the car are determined by two types of units. The first is a 1.6-liter naturally aspirated engine, the output of which is 110 horsepower and the torque reaches 155 N*m. Together with it, a 5-speed manual transmission and a front-wheel drive system interact. For this version, the declared fuel consumption is 7.4 liters, and acceleration to hundreds is achieved in 11.4 seconds. The second option of the available engine is a 1.4-liter turbo unit producing 150 horsepower. Depending on whether the crossover is equipped with a front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive system, it is paired with an 8-speed automatic transmission or a 7-speed robotic transmission. In the first case, the SUV will accelerate to 100 km/h in 8.8 seconds and consume 5.7 liters of gasoline, and in the second – 9.1 seconds and 6 liters of fuel.

The design of the crossover chassis consists of two independent suspensions. MacPherson struts are traditionally installed at the front, and a multi-link design is offered at the rear. Main dimensions of the new Volkswagen Taos:

  • body size – 4417x1841x1602 mm;
  • car weight – 1405 kg;
  • number of places – 5;
  • ground clearance – 175 mm;
  • crossover wheelbase – 2630 mm;
  • Fuel tank volume – 51 liters.

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Advantages and disadvantages

The car appeared in our country quite recently and therefore its pros and cons can so far be judged solely by “brochures”. Among the main advantages of the German crossover are:

  • low price;
  • rich optional equipment;
  • four-wheel drive;
  • maneuverability;
  • several configurations;
  • availability of choice of internal combustion engine, gearbox and drive type.

The car is very small in size, which is why if the interior is completely “crowded”, it will become a bit cramped. Otherwise, there is nothing to say yet. The car must be on the market for at least 1-2 years for all the problems to come to light.


Since the compact German cross debuted quite recently, there is no official data on the Internet regarding whether it participated in crash tests according to any of the existing rating systems. At the same time, knowing that Volkswagen always makes sure that its cars have fairly serious safety indicators in relation to passengers, we can assume that the Taos crossover will be very reliable in this regard. This can be evidenced by a full set of airbags, as well as various safety assistants that are included in the car’s equipment.

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Volkswagen Taos trunk

Alas, no miracle happened and the trunk of the Volkswagen Taos turned out to be as small as I expected. In addition, it turned out that it was completely copied from the Skoda Karoq. Small pockets, organizers and a spare wheel niche, all one in one.

A plus is the transformation of this interior, namely the folding of the rear row. With the seats folded, the trunk of the Taos no longer seems so small and can easily accommodate some oversized cargo, and the doorway also allows it. The trunk volume, according to the passport data, is 500 liters.

Body and interior

The car received not only a wealth of optional equipment, but also a rather pleasant appearance. At the front of the 2022 Volkswagen Taos are large branded headlights, which are connected by a metal insert that extends into their housings at the edges. At the same time, the bend of this trim follows the design of the daytime running lights, which gives the car recognition. At the bottom there is a bumper made of unpainted plastic with an insert made in the form of a metal “protection”. On the side there is stamping along the entire length of the body above the door handles. At the stern there are stylish lights, made with an emphasis on the new design language of the brand. Below is a bumper made of the same unpainted plastic. The polygonal exhaust pipes are just an imitation.

The salon is not luxurious, but it looks modern and bright. There is an orange plastic insert on the dashboard, which continues on the edging of the door handles. The multimedia system screen is installed horizontally in the center, and slightly lower are the deflectors and the climate control unit. The driver is given a multi-function steering wheel and a digital instrument panel.

Curb weight 1287 kg
Fuel tank volume 50 l
Luggage compartment volume 500 l
Length 4417 mm
Width 1841 mm
Height 1602 mm
Wheelbase 2638 mm
Clearance 177 mm

Volkswagen Taos configurations and prices

Respect package

Anti-lock braking system (ABS) +
Stabilization system (ESP) +
Number of airbags 4
Driver airbag +
Front passenger airbag +
Front side airbags +
Tire pressure sensor +
Light sensor +
Rain sensor +
Passive cruise control +
Comfort in the cabin
Air conditioner +
Climate control +
On-board computer +
Standard audio system with CD +
Multimedia with touch screen +
Apple CarPlay and/or Android Auto support +
Standard audio system with CD and MP3 support +
Power steering +
central locking +
Central locking remote control +
Electrically adjustable mirrors +
Heated mirrors +
Front electric windows +
Rear electric windows +
Heated seats +
Heated steering wheel +
Adjusting the steering column +
Adjusting the driver’s seat height +
Folding rear seat (1/3-2/3) +
What’s outside
Alloy wheels option
Metallic color option
Fog lights +
LED headlights +
Regular parking sensors +
Rear View Camera option
Preparation for phone (hands free / bluetooth) +
Automatic parking brake +
Starting the engine with a button (key card) +
Hill start assist system +

Equipment Status

Rear side airbags option
Front curtain airbags option
Curtain cushions for 2nd row of seats option
Adaptive headlights option
Blind Spot Monitoring System option
Comfort in the cabin
Power driver’s or front seats +
Standard navigation system +
What’s outside
Alloy wheels +
Fog lights
Rear View Camera option
Automatic parking system option
Electric trunk drive option
Autonomous preheater/heater option

JOY package!

Rear side airbags
Front curtain airbags
Curtain cushions for 2nd row of seats
Adaptive cruise control option
Adaptive headlights option
Blind Spot Monitoring System
What’s outside
Fog lights +
Rear View Camera +

Exclusive package

Rear side airbags option
Front curtain airbags option
Curtain cushions for 2nd row of seats option
Adaptive headlights +
Blind Spot Monitoring System option
Comfort in the cabin
Leather interior +
Descent Assist System +