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How your immobilizer system works on a Kia Optima

Before going into detail about the different options available to you, here is a quick introduction to explain the role and operation of the immobilizer in your Kia Optima. This electronic component was invented 30 years ago and is designed to prevent theft of your Kia Optima. In fact, thanks to the transponder and antenna (coil) included in the key, and the immobilization control unit included in the ECU and the receiving antenna on the Neumann, your Kia Optima will go every time you insert the key into the ignition, it checks that the code emitted by your key really the one asking for your immobilization box. Only at this moment that this will get you started. It is thanks to RFID technology (chip in the key) that this device will work.

Auto Safety Forum – Car Alarms

Good day to all. The car alarm is Pandora DX90BT. Everything seems to be working, but there are a lot of problems. A lot of questions, shortcomings (from Pandora). I will try to describe everything that happens with the signaling and with the car itself. Can anyone tell me what’s wrong? The signaling is connected to 2 buses and Lin (to bypass immo), they took the bus (door switches, trunk switch, hood switch, tachometer, slave, trunk slave, lock control, hazard warning light control, tripod control, parking , command after autostart to extinguish the autolight). They took an analogue (ignition, brake pedal, handbrake wire in the air). 1 problem – the trunk opens from the alarm remote control once (it doesn’t matter whether the car is open or closed, we press the alarm to open the trunk, the trunk opens, then we close the trunk and try to open it again from the alarm remote control, there is zero reaction, the trunk does not open anymore, it does not open until you press open and close again from the Pandora key fob, if you press open the car and close, the trunk will open again once and that’s it) 2nd problem – if the car is on security, we open the trunk from the standard remote control or from the Pandora key fob, Pandora sees this ( slave on the trunk) and allows it to open, while the lock on the Pandora key fob opens (the opening icon appears), but in fact all the doors are closed, only the trunk is open. If we close the trunk, then the doors also remain closed, but the open lock on the Pandora key fob lights up, we press open the car on the Pandora key fob and nothing happens (since the car is already open on the Pandora key fob) we have to press first close then open. Problem 3 – before locking and controlling the locks at speed, both in the alarm system and in the on-board computer of the car are disabled. What’s happening. we start the car normally with the key, press the lock button on the driver’s door, then turn off the car and pull out the key from the lock (at the moment the key is pulled out, the door locks open, although this is disabled normally in the car’s on-board computer, but this happens) if Pandora is disconnected from the car (remove the mass) then this does not happen, the conclusion is that Pandora is doing something wrong, although nothing was configured in Pandora’s settings for locks. RAVE! Problem 4 – every time you open the door in a running car normally with the key (it doesn’t matter whether it is open or closed), at the moment the door opens, 2 clicks of the door locks occur (as if they are opening twice in a row), annoying. When Pandora is disconnected from the car, this also does not happen. Only when Pandora is connected to the machine. Problem 5 – if you start the car normally with the key, the lock control works fine (from Pandora the car locks and opens as it should because it simply controls the central locking, without the key), if you start the car from the Pandora key fob and try to open the car from the key fob, then the key fob opens (the open lock icon appears) but the machine itself remains closed. To solve this problem, we turned on a double unlocking pulse in the settings; with a double unlocking pulse, the locks are unlocked during autostart, but when there is no autostart and you just open the car, the locks click twice when opening, which is also annoying.

It’s a shame that I chose this shit called Pandora. For comparison, we put a Starline E93 2 can2lin on the same car, quickly throw on the wires and there are no hemorrhoids, everything works fine without these jambs. Is Pandora really worse than Starline? Can’t you make a normal firmware or something? Starline only doesn’t have re-installation after autostart (like Pandora). It’s a shame that I chose this crap, I won’t recommend this fucking Pandora to any client anymore, just show-off from the office, no sense.

Various alternatives to bypass the immobilizer on your Kia Optima

Enter the code to disable the immobilizer

First procedure, your key no longer allows your Kia Optima to start, you want to disable the immobilizer of your Kia Optima, but first of all you should try this procedure to start it and take it to the garage, check that you cannot perform the less important process of restoring normal starting your car. In fact, with your car you should have a spare key (which you should try and which should start your Kia Optima), but if you don’t have one you must have at least a “code card”includes start code. Thanks to this code, you will still be able to start your car by entering it manually. To do this, turn on the ignition, use the centralized button to enter numbers, a few quick presses (example: 2 for digit 2), then pause for a second and a half to confirm the digit and resume, repeating the process until you have entered the entire code. This should allow you to start your Kia Optima without removing the immobilizer.

Have the key repaired by a key technician or car dealer

If even after replacing the battery, various attempts to enter the immobilizer code on your Kia Optima still do not workMost likely the problem is with your key. We understand that you still want to bypass the immobilizer on your Kia Optima. In fact, your The transponder must be damaged or dropped from your key. To fix this problem, the only solution is go to a key specialist (also available online) or, at your car showroom who can fix your Kia Optima key. Depending on who you go to The repair should cost you around 100 euros if you still have a duplicate or your “code card”, and around 350 euros at the dealership if you don’t have support. and you need a new function key, this will save you from having to remove the immobilizer from your Kia Optima.

Remove the immobilizer manually

While you might be thinking about going without an immobilizer on your Kia Optima, for some reasons it is not recommended at all. First your Kia Optima will be much more vulnerable to theft attempts. In fact, without an immobilizer box, a simple “wire” may be enough to start the car. In addition to that, your insurance, in the event of theft, most likely will not be returned to you if it realizes that the immobilizer on your Kia Optima has been removed, disabled or deactivated. If you still want to do this, some sites still provide the process, we decided not to share it because it might help people with bad intentions.

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