Hyundai Tucson Windshield Replacement & Repair [BBB A+] Free $

Composition of glass and why this is needed

The Hyundai Tucson windshield consists of 3 parts and is called triplex. Two glass polymers with a film installed between them. This way, if it hits the windshield, it maintains its integrity. This is done so that if large objects hit, they do not break the glass and damage the eyes and other parts of the body of the people in the car.

Slavic people have a “bad” habit of not wearing seat belts while driving. Moreover, if the car gets into a head-on collision, the glass does not break, and fragments do not fly into the cabin, and the driver and front passenger do not fly through it onto the road.

Also, testing of glass type 4-X is underway. They differ in that they have not 3 coatings, but 4. Before the film, behind the first layer of polymer glass, a liquid is poured, which, if the structure of the first layer is damaged, seals it and does not crack, and the chip is almost invisible.

Sequential process of replacing glass on a Hyundai Tucson

Changing the windshield on a Hyundai Tucson is quite difficult and not advisable alone, but it can be done at home. Let’s look at the detailed instructions and you can try it yourself, if you follow everything written in this article, everything will work out. Let’s move on to the process:

  1. Before removing the glass, you should disassemble the car. First of all, open the hood and remove the seal.

    Unscrew the front pillar trims on both sides.

  2. Next, you need to remove the wipers. Using a special screwdriver, remove the caps and pry up the fastening points to remove the brushes.

    Remove the rubber seal.

  3. We remove the trim under the windshield, carefully so as not to damage the fasteners that go into the groove under the glass.

    We pry up the clamps. We remove the wipers.

  4. Next, we pierce the sealant between the windshield and the body with an awl, and thread a special thread with handles for cutting the glass.

    We peel off the sealant from the outside.

  5. Use this thread to carefully cut off the glass, and after attaching the manual lock, remove the windshield.

    We remove the air intake. We thread the thread to cut the glass.

  6. We remove the remnants of the old sealant.

    We peel off the sealant.

  7. When everything is ready, degrease and apply new glass sealant, without missing a centimeter along the contour.

    Apply new sealant along the contour. We install the glass. We connect the sensor wiring.

  8. We install the glass clearly along the gaps, while you need to secure it on top so that it does not fly off while it is being glued. This procedure lasts approximately 6-8 hours. The most convenient thing is to do it at night.

    The glass is installed and all that remains is to wait until the sealant dries.

Now the glass is installed, and everything can be put back in place.


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