Hyundai Tiburon vs. Mitsubishi Eclipse

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The design of this coupe is perhaps one of its best aspects. There are many beautiful elements that will attract attention on the road. According to tradition, let’s start with the muzzle, it is attractive mainly due to its optics, these are lensed optics, the headlight is made in the shape of a long and narrow petal. The slightly sculpted hood and massive bumper with a full-width radiator grille look attractive. Round fog lights are inserted into the radiator grille.

The profile of the model has a slot in the upper part, which passes through the door opening handle. And with a small vent at the bottom, these vents not only work for looks, but also work to improve aerodynamics. The rearview mirror is large and, as befits a sports car, mounted on a base. At the rear is the fuel tank cap, which is made of polished metal.

The rear of the car has equally beautiful optics as the front, which pleases with the beautiful shape of both the headlight itself and its internal elements. There is a small spoiler installed on the trunk lid, but there is also one huge one, which is equipped with a brake light repeater. The model has a massive rear bumper with a small decorative diffuser and 2 exhaust pipes.

Hyundai Tiburon Dimensions:

  • length – 4399 mm;
  • width – 1758 mm;
  • height – 1328 mm;
  • wheelbase – 2530 mm;
  • ground clearance – 150 mm.

The most popular engines

The very first car in the series was only available in a few countries. People could buy cars with 1.6 and 1.8 liter engines. The car was presented to the general public only in 1997. The most common engines for Hyundai Tiburon:

  • first generation. Most often, the manufacturer installed a 1.8 liter engine with a power of 130 horsepower. However, the 2008 model featured two-liter engines with a power of 140 hp. It was they who became the most popular on the 2000 Hyundai Tiburon;
  • second generation. The basic configuration included the installation of a two-liter engine with 138 hp. There was also a more powerful engine with 2.7 liters and 178 horsepower. However, it was the first option that was popular;
  • third generation. The most popular engine for these cars had a volume of 2 liters. Its power is 143 horsepower. With the help of such a motor, the car will travel up to 207 km/h.

These are the most popular internal combustion engines that the manufacturer has installed. Korean quality allows them to serve for many years. For the weight of the car, this kind of power is ideal.


There are 4 seats in the cabin, the rear passengers will not feel comfortable, since there will not be enough space for them, but the front passengers will feel more or less normal. The front seats of the model have pronounced lateral support in order not to fly out of the seat during sharp turns.

The steering wheel is 3-spoke, and behind it is a dashboard with a speedometer, tachometer and on-board computer. On the center console at the very top there is an alarm button, below are the engine sensors, and even lower is the radio, under which are the air conditioning and heater control selectors. There is a cup holder under the armrest, an ashtray and a cigarette lighter.

Hyundai Tiburon is no longer for sale, but it can be purchased on the secondary market; the price may vary, but on average the minimum for a pre-restyling version is 300,000 rubles.

It’s a good-looking coupe that looks and drives well for the price. For a young guy with a small budget, this is an ideal option.