Honda gets into side-by-sides with the new Talon 1000X and 1000R

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Honda engineers developed a four-link suspension for the Talon 1000R that allows for better control of the rear axle when negotiating tall rocks, logs and deep holes. Fox Podium 2.5 QS3 shock absorbers are integrated into the system. When the suspension moves from maximum to minimum point, the wheel toe angle changes by only 0.3º, providing excellent stability and predictable behavior of the body.

  • The rear suspension has a travel of 510 mm and clearly handles unevenness, regardless of speed.
  • The front suspension accepts all terrain changes well thanks to a 450 mm travel reserve.
  • The total ground clearance of the ATV is 330 mm.

2019 Talon 1000R

The rider does not need to slow down the engine speed when approaching an obstacle – he can overcome it while maintaining balance. This is also facilitated by the non-standard width of the body – 68.4 inches or 1730 mm. The dimensions of the body made it possible to create a spacious luggage compartment with a carrying capacity of 135 kg.

For safe and quick deceleration, a braking system with discs with a diameter of 250 mm is provided. Electronics distributes the braking force to each caliper, which ensures better wheel grip and the fastest possible stop.

Textron Wildcat XX


The 2019 Textron (Arctic Cat) Wildcat XX produces 130 hp. thanks to the in-line engine with three cylinders and a displacement of 998 cm³. The engine is naturally aspirated, without a turbine and reuse of crankcase gases. Gasoline is supplied by an injector, which controls not only the volume of the incoming mixture, but also the outgoing product. For this purpose, feedback via a lambda probe is integrated into the system. Those who want to “pump up” their ATV can install a turbocharger – with it the power indicator will increase to 200 hp, and this will become a truly “charged” version.

The transmission has an air-cooled CVT and a Team Rapid Response clutch. This provides instant acceleration and simplified control. The all-terrain vehicle will outperform even turbocharged models in terms of power and dynamics.

The Talon 1000R received the already proven Unicam engine, installed on the Africa Twin motorcycle and the Pioneer 1000 ATV. The engine has a displacement of 999 cm³ and consists of:

  • two cylinders arranged in a row;
  • one camshaft;
  • liquid cooling circuit.

Maximum engine power reaches 104 hp. Fuel is supplied forcefully by injection, and torque from the engine to the wheels is transmitted through an automatic transmission with DCT technology.

Two clutches in the gearbox design allow acceleration to be achieved more smoothly, without jolts or jerks. The rider has a choice of 2×4 or 4×4 travel thanks to the Honda I-4WD system. This technology was revealed to the world on Pioneer Deluxe. According to the principle of torque transmission, the ATV is very similar to American-made all-wheel drive pickup trucks: power is distributed individually to each wheel depending on the location and condition of the chassis on the road.

The automatic transmission is notable for its lack of belts and is more reliable. It allows you to choose the shift method: standard, sport or manual. In manual mode, the rider can decide at what engine speed to engage the next gear.