FLO CoRe+ version commerciale

About the product

Core-Flo DC (Kor-Flo DiSi) is the latest universal dual-curing core composite. Manufacturer: Bisco Inc., USA.

For your convenience, CORE-FLO DC is now available in dual syringes and has two phase cures: chemical and light. Use light curing to quickly fix the post and continue the work of restoring the stump. And when replacing dentin, use a chemical curing phase, which will reduce the adverse effects of polymerization stress. The creamy consistency of the composite allows the material to be inserted directly into the root canal to cement the post and ensures ideal adaptation to the cavity walls for dentin restoration. CORE-FLO DC – technology that allows you to achieve more!


  • Pin fixation.
  • Stump restoration.
  • Dentin replacement.

Unique properties:

  • Flowable – ideal adaptation, does not form micropores.
  • Radiopaque – visible on radiographs.
  • Dual Cure – You have complete control over curing time and conversion.
  • Three shades: natural (NATURAL), opaque (OPAQUE WHITE) and blue (BLUE).
  • For added convenience, you can use a double syringe dispenser.
  • Contains fluoride.
  • Excellent physical properties – strength and durability.

Release form:

  • Syringe 8g.

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INTRAORAL REPAIR KIT – kit for intraoral repair of ceramics:

  • PORCELAIN PRIMER – one-component primer for ceramics (1 bottle 3 ml)
  • PORCELAIN ETHANT 9.5% – active etching for ceramics and metal (1 spray, 5 g)
  • BARRIER GEL – protective gel for application to soft tissues (1 spray, 5 g)
  • Z-PRIME PLUS – primer for all types of metal restorations including zirconium (1 bottle 2 ml)
  • PORCELAIN BONDING RESIN – resin for ceramic restorations (1 bottle 6 ml)
  • OPAQUER BASE – opaquer for metal, base (1 bottle 3 ml)
  • CATALYST – opaquer for metal, catalyst (1 bottle 3 ml)


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