1985 Lexus All Models Colors of Touch Up Paint

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Variety of Lexus models

The Lexus family of cars has a diverse range of models, differing in body type and trim levels.

Model range body types:

  • sedans (ES, LS, GS);
  • coupe (LC);
  • crossovers (UX, NX, RX);
  • hybrids (UX, NX, RX);
  • SUVs (GX, LX).

There are also concept cars, the production of which is planned in the near future.

Lexus S250

Lexus ES

Spacious, stylish car with a 277 hp engine. With. Extended body, expanded basic equipment, including all amenities.

Lexus GS

The first model of the brand, created on the platform of the rear-wheel drive Toyota Crown Majesta sedan. The release of the car on the foreign market began in 1993.

In new generations, comfort has been partially reduced to make the body lighter, and volume has been added to the luggage compartment for spaciousness.

Lexus LC

S-class coupe with a powerful naturally aspirated 5-liter engine under the hood, with a power of 477 hp. s., transmitted to the rear axle.

Characteristic features of the model: comfortable conditions for rear seat passengers due to the design of the roof line (this is rare for a coupe body), innovative 10-speed gearbox for the V8 engine.

Lexus UX

“Urban crossover” or “urban explorer” – this is how Lexus UX positions itself. The sporty silhouette and specific interior design, which blurs the boundaries between interior and exterior spaces, create a special experience.

Lexus NX

The NX is available in several versions, which differ in engine type:

  • turbocharged;
  • atmospheric;
  • hybrid.

Advantages of the latest generations: ergonomic and high-tech interior, updated design and improved suspension.

Suitable for countries with cold climates: heated front seats and windows, climate control.

Lexus gx460

Lexus RX

The RX’s body was based on the ES sedan, resulting in a striking look with optimal aerodynamics. The latest generations of the model are equipped with an advanced BladeScan system, responsible for high beam headlights, and an updated security system.

Lexus GX

An SUV that conquers any off-road terrain. The all-wheel drive system was inherited from the famous Toyota Land Cruiser 100. Combined with a large V8 engine, this jeep is one of the most dynamic in the Lexus family. The basic kit includes anti-lock brakes, ESP and an electronically controlled transfer case.

Lexus LX

Heavy luxury SUV. Lexus LX performs well both in cramped urban environments and on extensive off-road terrain. There are 2 types of engines included:

  • powerful diesel with twin turbocharging;
  • dynamic petrol V8 with good acceleration and economical fuel consumption.

Advantages: spaciousness, safety, comfort.

Interesting facts about the Lexus brand

Lexus has been around for more than a quarter of a century; the company’s rich history allows us to highlight interesting facts:

  • The first hybrid to compete in the Nürburgring 24 Hours endurance race was created by Lexus.
  • The brand is a leader in sales of hybrids among luxury cars.
  • The engine sound of the first car in the LS series was tuned with the help of Yamaha representatives.
  • To test the buttons of the first LS model, the developers used 3 sets of artificial nails.
  • The LFA model only has a digital tachometer; other types are not suitable for the engine.
  • Fourth generation LS models include acupressure function.
  • The cars are produced in Japan, but they appeared on the country’s roads in 2005, many years after the creation of the first model.

Now the brand’s cars are sold in 90 countries.