2024 Kia ​​Seltos vs. 2023 Kia Sportage Hybrid

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Both cars look quite interesting. But the design of the Seltos, created from scratch, turned out to be more classic, and the Sportage, in an effort to emphasize the novelty of the generation, was made too avant-garde.

The bumper skirt protruding forward, the “toad eyes” of the head optics, the frankly inappropriate radiator grille – the design of the Sportik’s face is a failure more than completely, reminiscent of unsuccessful Japanese experiments with biodesign of the mid-90s.


Parameter Seltos Sportage
Length, mm 4 370 4 485

(GT Line – 4,495)

Body width, mm 1 800 1,855
Height, mm 1 615 1 645
Wheelbase, mm 2 630 2 670
Front/rear wheel track (at the middle of the tires), mm 1560 / 1573 1613 / 1625*
Ground clearance (ground clearance)mm 183* 182

*- for cars with 17″ wheels. In this case, the clearance is almost identical.

Yes, the Sportik is larger, but the difference is measured in a few centimeters and is unlikely to be significant for anyone.


Comparing the interior design of Seltos and Sportage is very interesting! At first glance, the old man has advantages here, if not in the equipment and materials used, then at least in the availability of free space. But this is not entirely true, which becomes the main disappointment of fans.

In general, the interior of the older brother looks stylish and modern. The dashboard, steering wheel, multimedia system – everything is conveniently located and made of quality materials. No feeling of cheapness or imperfection. The chairs are also extremely comfortable and modern. You can spend long hours on the road in these without fear of your back getting tired.

As for Seltos, it is also well equipped inside. The interior uses good materials that will not be scratched by the slightest touch. The seats and multimedia system are also excellent. On the dashboard, each button is located exactly where it will be convenient for the driver and passengers. Well, there is definitely no less free space here than in the Sportage.

Power units

This is where the fun begins. They are Sport’s standard of conservatism, no CVTs or robots, only mechanics and a classic hydraulic automatic. ABOUT motors And boxes Seltos can be read in other articles, but for Sportage everything is simple:

  1. A two-liter 150-horsepower gasoline engine is paired with a 6-speed manual or automatic transmission (the dream of many car drivers, where the same engine comes only in conjunction with a CVT).
  2. 2.4-liter 184-horsepower gasoline engine with a 6-speed automatic (similar to the Seltos – 177 1.6-liter turbo engine)

The Sportage will not have the original 1.6-liter engine for the Seltos at all. It is interesting to compare the traction and economic performance of cars with the same engine.

Automobile Seltos Sportage Sportage
Power, l. With. 149 150 150
Max. torque, Nm 180 192 192
Transmission, type Variable speed drive Mechanics, 6 Automatic, 6
Maximum speed, km/h 190 184 180
Acceleration to 100 km/h, s 10.4 11.1 11.6
Fuel consumption, l/100 km – in the urban cycle 9.1 10.9 11.2
— in the suburban cycle 6.3 6.6 6.7
— in a mixed cycle (combined) 7.3 8.2 8.3

Data for all-wheel drive modifications.

With the same engine (the difference of 1 hp is a minor trick to evade taxes), the faster acceleration of the Seltos and lower fuel consumption are explained by the lower curb weight, 1.4 tons versus 1.7 tons for the Sportage, and the difference in maximum speed is more advanced aerodynamics (although the price for this is chronically dirty side windows).

In the end, the difference is small. but there is. Seltos is slightly faster and more economical than its older brother.

Options and prices

The Kia Sportage and Seltos should also be compared based on price. And the win here is on the side of the younger brother. The configuration with a two-liter engine and all-wheel drive starts at 1.7-1.9 million rubles. “Big Brother” will cost an order of magnitude more – about 1.9-2.1 million rubles.

It should also be understood that the Sportage has richer equipment and adapted for off-road. In addition, this is a car of a completely different class and such a difference in price is quite understandable. At the same time, Seltos is an urban “dweller”, more maneuverable, but not deprived of four driven wheels. At the same time, it is more economical and faster than its brother.

Comparison of Sportage and Kia Seltos when purchasing should be done by customizing the car to specific needs.

Options and prices

Korean manufacturers are famous for creating a variety of modifications to cater to potential customers with different budgets and needs. The Sportage and Seltos were no exception. The first is produced in six different trim levels: Classic, Comfort, Luxe, Prestige, GT-Line, Premium. The minimum cost is 1.4 million rubles, the maximum exceeds 2.3 million rubles.

The situation with Seltos is approximately the same. The car is available in six modifications: Comfort, Luxe, Style, Prestige, Premium, Premium+. Their price is lower and starts from 1.1 million rubles. The top-end configuration will cost about 2 million and will have literally everything a driver could dream of.

Interior: Sportage is more spacious

In the driver’s seat you won’t feel the difference – the margin in the longitudinal direction is the same, plus or minus. The advantage in height is behind the Seltos, in width – behind the Sportage. In general – parity.

The Sportage’s second row is more hospitable for long-legged passengers. There’s nothing you can do about it – it’s difficult to achieve an advantage with a shorter wheelbase.

The Seltos is a little more cramped, but at the end of the front box there is not only a USB connector and deflectors, but also a convenient niche for small things.

The Seltos is also inferior in terms of trunk volume: 433 liters (according to our measurements – 300 liters) versus 466 liters (336 liters). But it’s easier to throw luggage in – the loading height is 725 mm instead of 740 mm for the Sportage. By the way, the latter has the opportunity to get the function of contactless opening of the fifth door, but this version costs more than 2 million rubles and does not fit into the price limits we have agreed upon.

The Seltos trunk is slightly smaller, but the layout is even more convenient – the right arch practically does not stick out.

Salon and trunk

When choosing between Sportage and Seltos, do not forget about comfort. The large Kia Sportage wins in width. The driver and passengers will definitely not feel cramped, however, unlike the Kia Seltos, it has a slightly lower ceiling, which may create discomfort for a tall driver.

There is one more point in favor of the Seltos – the trunk. The compressed interior made it possible to increase the useful volume of the trunk, and Sportage, in turn, has never been famous for its large luggage compartment. Let’s assume he’s just sticking to tradition.

The Kia Seltos interior looks more modern compared to its older brother. There are all the necessary options, including a ten-inch multimedia screen. But despite the lack of a large screen, the engineers equipped the Sportage with the following:

  • wireless charger;
  • dual-zone climate control;
  • glass anti-fog system;
  • traction control when cornering;
  • Yandex.Auto services.

In terms of equipment, the Sportage looks much richer, and you will never find all these options in the Kia Seltos.

Prices and options: Seltos is better equipped

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Even in the initial Style version for the 2-liter Seltos (from 1,684,900 rubles), the equipment is wider: it adds a light sensor, a rear view camera, and 235/45 R18 wheels. In addition, an optional two-tone body paint is available. And the Premium version for 2,024,900 rubles additionally sports full LED headlights, contour lighting, eco-leather trim, electric drives and ventilation of the front seats, a HUD display, a wireless charger for smartphones, a large 10-inch multimedia screen, adaptive cruise control and lane keeping system. This is a solid level.