➯ Hyundai HYPS-400 User Manual (Power Supply Operation & User’s Manual)

Contents of the material

Unique features and advantages

The excavator is equipped with a modern engine control system, which reduces fuel consumption by 10% when operating in ECO mode. The use of a high-quality HIOS III hydraulic system also had a positive effect on this factor.

The advantages of the Hitachi 400 excavator include:

  • reliability and long trouble-free operation due to the installation of a reinforced chassis and driver’s cabin;
  • ease of maintenance work, extended maintenance intervals;
  • short working cycle. In Auto Power Lift mode, the working body lifts 10% faster. This is necessary when carrying out work to replace communications laid in the ground. Also, the Power Boost mode provides an increase in the productivity of the handle by 5%, the bucket by 4%;
  • unpretentiousness and high technical characteristics.

Features of the device and operation

  1. The Hyundai S400 snowplow is equipped with overheating protection. The machine is powered by a 220 V electrical network. The power of the electrical installation reaches 2000 W, which is enough to power all operating components, including the wheeled chassis. The motor is started using a button and a bracket.
  2. Note the durable polymer case with energy-absorbing and shockproof effects. The housing is frost-resistant and adapts to humid climates. When in contact with hard objects, the case does not crack, and slightly wrinkles, thereby absorbing the shock. In addition, the machine is equipped with a unique frame that protects the operator from flying solid objects, including stones, tree branches, ice edges and other elements that fall during snow removal.
  3. The main working body of the Hyundai S400 model is a metal auger, which is reliable and adaptable to any snow cover. In particular, it can be wet or dry snow, deep, hard or icy snow cover. The auger is designed to clear paths up to 450 mm wide, and the maximum grip height can reach 250 mm. Thanks to the powerful motor, high productivity of the auger is ensured, which rotates at high speed so that the snow is thrown out as quickly as possible. We also note the rubberized material, which allows you to remove snow cover on delicate surfaces. The rubber coating will not damage the tiles or paving stones. This is very convenient – for example, in cases where you need to remove snow right down to the base of the surface.
  4. The machine is equipped with emergency protection, which is triggered if it is accidentally turned on. In this case, spontaneous starting of the engine is absolutely excluded. This feature ensures safe use and will be appreciated by novice users. In addition, we note the extremely simple control of the working bodies. No special practical or theoretical skills are required to operate the machine. A primitive set of levers and switches is made in an ergonomic way so that the user does not get confused in the settings of the snow blower. The built-in security system is triggered in case of voltage surges and overheating.
  5. The Hyundai S400 snow blower has a power button, which is located on a block with a socket. To start the electric motor, you must use the toggle switch located on the socket connection block.
  6. Remote adjustment of the direction of the thrown snow is carried out by a special handle located together with the working handles. Snow is released through a metal chute connected to a rotating mechanism. The mechanism rotates in a horizontal plane at different speeds, based on the settings specified by the user. To quickly change direction you will need to make a 200 degree turn. It is noteworthy that the ejection direction is adjusted without the need to stop the machine, without interrupting the snow removal process.
  7. An LED headlight is an important option included with the Hyundai S400 snow blower. This component not only provides good visibility at night, but also improves visibility. In addition, if necessary, the headlight will provide visibility during precipitation – snowfall or fog. LED optics actively distribute the light beam onto the working surface, which is very helpful in the most inaccessible areas, for which the S400 model is actually intended. Long service life, low power consumption, and almost daylight illumination, like natural light, are the main advantages of LED headlights.
  8. The machine is equipped with a function that allows you to change the snow throw range. In the “forward” position, the throwing range reaches 10 meters, and in the “lateral” position this figure is 5 meters. The range is adjusted by setting the angle of the deflector.
  9. The rotor mechanism is an auxiliary component of the main working body – the auger. It is a rotor wheel with blades that rotates at high speed, helping to throw snow out at a fast speed. Of course, this had a beneficial effect on the cleaning efficiency.
  10. The delivery set includes a transport handle attached to the top of the machine body. This element allows you to conveniently transport the snow blower to any place. In addition, the machine weighs only 14 kg. Using the handle, the snow blower can be easily transported to a storage location or while climbing stairs. The handle has a comfortable grip thanks to the elastic coating.
  11. The control handle with a rubberized grip is the main operating handle, serving as a solid support for the operator. Thanks to it, the balance and stability of the machine is maintained. You also need to use it to set the direction of movement. The working handle can be adjusted in height based on your own height. The selected position is securely fixed using durable fasteners. Please note that the handle can be folded in half, thereby ensuring easy storage in any hard-to-reach place. In addition, in this folded position the car can easily fit into the trunk of a car. In addition, near the working handle there was a place for fastening the electrical cable so that it would not get lost in the snow when carried.
  12. Hyundai S400 is a self-propelled vehicle. Its movement is ensured by rotating screws. During operation, the machine is able to move independently, while the operator should set the direction and push the machine a little, helping it move forward without slipping. The snow blower is equipped with transport wheels, which are necessary for movement around the work site. The wheels have a wide diameter and provide good stability of the machine on uneven surfaces.

How to maintain and operate?

The main advantages of the machine include maintainability and long trouble-free operation. Service intervals have become longer compared to the previous version of the equipment. For example, an oil change occurs once every 5 thousand hours.

To make it easier to clean the side beams of the Hitachi 400 from dirt, they are located at an angle. A centralized lubrication point is accessible from ground level for easy refueling. Thanks to the large doors, easy access to the fuel and oil filter and moisture separator is achieved. A large hood is provided for access to the engine compartment; convenient handrails, steps and anti-slip pads are located nearby.