Chevy Traverse Service Stabilitrak (11 Causes + Solutions)

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Failed sensors are the most common culprits. They tend to either give no output or give erroneous output. This results in an incorrect response from the corresponding module. Sensors can fail due to poor connection, excessive heat exposure, dust, or shock.

The StabiliTrak system is dependent on the input relayed by sensors on the different sub-systems such as brakes and steering columns. To locate the faulty sensor would require the use of a scanning tool and the necessary action taken. Sometimes, a DIY could do the trick, and on other occasions, a qualified technician can be your best bet.


Brakes form a vital part of the traction control system. Hence, a faulty brake will not produce the desired effect whenever the Stabilitrak engages them to resist a loss in traction. Faulty brakes can also be diagnosed by an OBD scanner. If confirmed, check the brake fluid levels or inspect the brakes for any faulty parts and have them replaced.

Chevy Trailblazer: Service StabiliTrak Light Causes

Many things can cause the StabiliTrak system to lose its ability to function, but the most common one is a wheel speed sensor. A good scanner should tell you which system has failed and is worth its weight in gold if you’re trying to fix your Trailblazer’s StabiliTrak system.

Wheel Speed ​​Sensor

A typical wheel speed sensor

Wheel speed sensors are the number one reason that the StabiliTrak system fails.

If one of the wheel speed sensors is having issues, your Trailblazer will no longer be able to tell if all wheels are turning at the same speed. Without this data, the “Service StabiliTrak” warning will turn on.

Wheel speed sensors are exposed to road debris, mud, and salt. This can cause them to fail or their wiring harness to short out.

One telltale sign that the wiring harness to one of the front wheels is failing is the Service Stabilitrak warning when turning your Trailblazer to the left or right. This is because the harness moves a little while you turn, which can cause the wheel speed sensor to connect and disconnect intermittently.

Brake Pedal Switch

Your Trailblazer’s brake pedal switch does more than just control whether or not your brake lights are turned on. The ECU and StabiliTrak control units use this switch to know when you’re hitting the brakes. If the switch isn’t functioning correctly, these systems may be disabled.

Faulty Stability Control Module

The Stability Control Module is your Trailblazer’s computer that controls the StabiliTrak system. It may have failed or needs to be reset.

Wrong Tire Size

StabiliTrak may not work correctly if the tire size is not what GM calls for your model Trailblazer.

Many other less likely issues can cause the StabiliTrak system to stop working as well. It’s a good idea to test and see if you have any trouble codes. They may provide you with clues that’ll help you fix it.