Why is my check engine light on Kia Sportage?

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The check light came on

By “the light came on” it is not at all possible to determine “what it could be.” It’s like telling fortunes using Nescafe coffee grounds or treating hemorrhoids by mail!

A burning “Check” is not really a problem. You can go. Carefully, in emergency mode until OD. Or until someone can read the codes. If there is a problem with the engine, the control unit itself will stop it and block the start.

On your fingers, so that you understand the logic of what is happening: the ECU constantly monitors the sensors and information from them. Therefore, it divides the troubles into several categories (hereinafter, the cycle is the starting and stopping of the engine, such as one trip): 1. Operational error – the cycle appeared once. The control unit (ECU) sent a request for confirmation – the request was not confirmed. Nothing happens. The consequences of an error are anything: shaking, poor contact, moisture. 2. Expected or confirmed error – it appeared once per cycle and was confirmed upon request. The ECU recorded it in Moscow, so that during maintenance it would be seen and noticed. The “Check Engine” didn’t even blink with this option! This means that “The check is not lit – does not mean that there are no errors in the system!” 3. There is a problem – the same error was confirmed three or more times during the cycle. The ECU recorded it in Moscow, so that during maintenance it would be seen and noticed and blinked “Check engine” several times. 4. It’s a complete disaster – the same error was confirmed more than six times during the cycle. The ECU recorded it in Moscow blinked “Check Engine” several times and turned on “Check Engine”. or immediately turned on the “Check Engine” without blinking.

At the same time, the ECU algorithm contains a condition that if an existing error has resolved itself and does not recur for 40 cycles, then the ECU can independently extinguish the “Check Engine” and leave the error code in its brain.

If the catalyst is clogged

  • In the event of such a malfunction, it is recommended to move in what is called tightness: evenly, in a speed range somewhat lower than that required by the given gear. The engine should run with a light load.
  • Some time after moving, you should stop. At this time, it would be a good idea to check the oil and coolant levels. Looking into the engine compartment, carefully inspect the engine and its “mount” for leaks and oil stains.

Regardless of the timing of vehicle maintenance procedures in accordance with the Maintenance Schedule, regularly inspect the vehicle for signs of external leaks of working fluids, indicating the presence of breakdowns that require immediate correction. It is quite difficult to do this on your own, in particular on foreign car brands.

Oil pressure light blinking in Peugeot In addition to the fuel system, there is also the vehicle’s electrical system, which accounts for the majority of all malfunctions. The appearance of a hated light bulb may be due to failure ignition coils. To eliminate the malfunction or replace damaged cooling pipes, you will need to contact a car service. If you find no leaks, add antifreeze to the required level and the indicator does not go off, the reason is a breakdown of the coolant level sensor.

Car coolant symbols

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An experienced driver can easily determine the cause of breakdown, carbon deposits, wear of spark plugs by the changed color of the porcelain cylinder, and deformation of the electrodes. And all because car manufacturers often program the system so that it does not work if the seat belts are not fastened. Design and principle of operation Ask me questions, I will definitely explain all the nuances!

Ready indicators

AUTO HOLD warning indicator

AUTO HOLD keeps the vehicle stationary even if your foot is removed from the brake pedal after the vehicle has stopped. • If the AUTO HOLD indicator light is white or green, this is normal. • If the AUTO HOLD warning light remains amber, have the vehicle inspected by an authorized Kia dealer.

EBD Warning Light EBD (Electronic Brake Force Distribution) improves braking performance by distributing braking force to the front and rear wheels. If the EBD warning light remains illuminated after starting the engine, have your vehicle inspected by an authorized Kia dealer.