Tuning for Ford Explorer 3 2001-2005 in Moscow

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Redline Engineering Tuning studio

Redline Engineering presents to your attention various tuning options for the Ford Explorer.

Ford Explorer interior tuning Genuine leather and Alcantara.

Good craftsmen who know all the intricacies of tailoring car interiors and using the best car leathers will allow you to create a unique interior for your car. (The seats, ceiling, dashboard, as well as any plastic panels are most often altered). You can read more detailed information on this type of tuning in the Leather work section

Tuning the standard audio system to Hi-Fi and Hi-End class.

Ford Explorer cars have a fairly good standard audio system. Some trim levels include a standard amplifier and subwoofer. But if you are a connoisseur of high-quality sound, or love deafening power, we will help you create exactly the sound that suits you. We work with the world’s best brands in the field of car audio (DLS, McIntosh, Focal, JL Audio, AudioSystem, AD, Pioneer, Alpine and many others…) You can read more detailed information on this type of tuning in the Audio systems section.

Decorating plastic parts with valuable wood and carbon fiber.

When working with a material such as wood, special care and patience are required. All parts are created and polished by hand. Every detail is a small work of art! To trim the Ford Explorer, you can use various types of wood or carbon fiber. You can read more detailed information on this type of tuning in the Interior section.

Installation of a monitor for passengers.

For rear seat passengers, we can offer installation of monitors in the headrests or an overhead monitor for equipment without a sunroof. Passengers will be able to watch TV or DVD completely independently from the driver. It is possible to connect a Sony PS3 game console. You can read more detailed information on this type of tuning in the Video for Passengers section.

Soundproofing Ford Explorer

Even a car like the Ford Explorer can be made quieter. Additional multi-layer sound and vibration insulation will reduce external noise at high speeds and when driving on bad roads.

You can find out more in the section “Noise insulation of Ford Explorer”

If you have any special wishes for tuning your Ford Explorer, we will be happy to help you make them come true. For more detailed information, you can contact our managers. Contacts.

: Fits Fits Ford Explorer high performance tuner chip and power tuning programmer

Power Tune comes pre-loaded with special proven DYNO tuner technology that INCREASES HORSE AND TORQUE! Tuning and programming your car is so easy that anyone can do it. Simply plug Power Tune into your car’s OBDII port to unleash hidden power!

– Increases power by up to 35% – Added torque by up to 25% – Improved throttle response – Improved 0-60 acceleration – Smoother turn-in and crisper shifting – Eliminates engine and turbo lag – Quick installation in 60 seconds – Guaranteed safe for your vehicle – Dyno Tested and Approved – 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

How it works:

This Power Tune connects to your car’s OBD port. It then downloads real-time data through your OBD connection, allowing the module to learn your driving habits in a short period. It then safely optimizes ignition timing, air-fuel ratio and transmission shifting to maximize power and torque. This results in increased throttle response, low-end torque and acceleration.

How to install Power Tune:

Installation is so easy that anyone can do it. The chip is simply inserted into the OBD port under your car’s dashboard. This port is usually located near the steering wheel on the driver’s side. If you decide to remove the tuner, simply unplug it and your car will return to factory settings.


Q: Is Power Tune compatible with my manual or automatic transmission vehicle?

A: Yes, this module is compatible with all types of transmission.

Q: Will the chip void my vehicle’s warranty?

A: No. The module never overwrites factory data and always preserves your warranty.

Q: Is there a warranty for the Power Tune module?

A: Yes. The module is warranted for a period of 1 year against defects, malfunctions or failures.