Polaris RZR 200. 10 facts every parent should know

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Polaris RZR S Review

Polaris RZR S / Polaris RZR S The Polaris RZR S all-terrain vehicle features a carefully thought-out design that provides the proper level of drive and safety during extreme trips across rugged terrain. A powerful power unit with electronic injector and liquid cooling is capable of accelerating an SUV in a matter of seconds. The chassis of the Polaris RZR S all-terrain vehicle uses a PVT automatic transmission with five operating positions of the gearshift lever and a 4WD system. The lateral stability of the bike is ensured by special stabilizers of double A-shaped suspension arms such as Dual A-Arm, Rolled with Anti-Sway Bar. The increased cross-country ability of the Polaris RZR S all-terrain vehicle is due to ITP 900 XCT off-road tires on alloy wheels. The model is equipped with a modern digital dashboard with a considerable number of settings and performance indicators, powerful halogen optics, and electric power steering. The RZR S engine’s performance allows it to tow a 680kg trailer.

Geofencing and electron gas

Another safety feature of the Polaris RZR 200: parents, using the same Ride Command application, can limit the maximum speed of the all-terrain vehicle (Youth Ride Control function). No more mechanical restrictors and limiters! In addition, the geofencing function allows you to set a perimeter beyond which the young driver should not travel – when leaving the permitted zone, the all-terrain vehicle’s engine will be turned off. This allows parents to be sure that the child will not be able to end up, for example, on the road or in another dangerous area while the parent is busy with something else. As the child’s driving experience increases, the parent will be able to increase the maximum speed from 16 to 40 km/h and increase the permitted distance.

Polaris RZR 200

Pro-XP style pendants

The main update to the Polaris RZR 200 is definitely the new trailing arm rear suspension and double A-arm type “gullwing” front. The trailing arms consist of two tubes that form the upper and lower hub mounts and come together at the front hinge. At the front, tubular A-arms have a gullwing shape and a strong bevel, and the RZR 200 also features front and rear torsion bars to reduce body roll. HPG shock absorbers have a five-stage spring preload adjustment and provide almost 18 cm of travel for the front and rear wheels, while on the 170 the travel was less than 13 centimeters. True, the RZR 200 weighs 333 kg dry, and the 170 weighs 241 kg.


Front suspension Independent Double A-Arm
Front Suspension Travel (in/mm) 17 / 432
Pre-setting the suspension fork travel +
Front suspension model Walker Evans®
F Stabilizer Bar +
Rear suspension Independent
Rear Suspension Travel (in/mm) 20 / 508
Rear adjustable shock/spring preload +
Rear shock absorbers 2
Rear suspension model Walker Evans®
Rear Suspension Material Steel
Anti-roll bar +
Pneumatic adjustment