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The appearance of the new Mazda looks original and recognizable. Even a person far from the auto world will unmistakably recognize the brand of a new product passing by. The manufacturer did not abandon the Kodo corporate style; he only diluted the exterior with wide arched overlays. These trims are found on all Mazda crossovers, but on the CX-5 and CX-9 they are much thinner.

The narrow optics of the new product run along the embossed hood, due to which the car acquires a predatory squint. The “shark appearance” is ideally complemented by a large-mesh radiator grille with the manufacturer’s logo in the middle. Chrome moldings act as edging for the elements of the front part. The bumper of the new product is protected by a wide plastic “lip”, and at the junction of the body with this “lip” narrow rectangular fog lights are installed.

In the maximum configuration, the car is equipped with lidars that allow you to recognize obstacles on the road. They are installed in the Mazda badge. In early versions of the manufacturer’s models, lidars were installed on the windshield. To free up space and provide better visibility, engineers moved the instruments to a more suitable location, in their opinion. But this solution is slightly impractical, because dirt and snow can “blind” the recognizers. And if previously the “windshield wipers” saved the day, now the lidars will have to be cleaned manually.

The side of the car has graceful body curves, giving the entire car a muscular shape. The new product looks as stylish from the back as it does from the front. The shape of the optics is unique. Elongated ribbons rushing towards each other with red backlight. The luggage compartment lid is compact and lightweight. There is an anti-snow visor above the glass.

The basic configuration is equipped with 16-radius wheels, which don’t look right on the car. The unique style and decisive character are best seen in models with 18-inch wheels.

Engine modifications

The most technologically sophisticated petrol engine, SkyActiv-X, which provides an ultra-high compression ratio and operates on the principle of a diesel engine, is not available on the Russian market. The demand for such engines in Russia will not be high, because A good portion of motorists are confident in the low quality of fuel sold in the country. The time-tested “aspirated” engine turned out to be an ideal option for the new crossover. 2.0 liters, 150 hp – these are the parameters of the most popular engine that is installed in CX-5 modelsMazda 6 and was available in some trim levels of the Mazda 3. This unit is paired with a six-speed manual and automatic transmission.

Official dealers are confident that by 2022 another engine will appear in Russia – a two-liter gasoline unit with 180 hp.

Can drive on his own (+)

A full range of electronic driver assistants is available. True, only for the most expensive Supreme configuration and as options.

There is adaptive cruise control. For example, there is no need to press the brake pedal when approaching another car. The CX-30 will do everything itself.

It is possible to adjust the distance to the vehicle in front. The system recognizes other cars well, and if necessary, the CX-30 slows down very delicately. Just like the driver himself would do it.

The parking assistant will protect you from an accident when reversing out of a parking space. The automation scans the space behind the car and when a car appears, it will warn the driver, and if necessary, it will brake itself.

Also included is a lane keeping system, however, it stops working when the road markings are covered with snow.

The Mazda CX-30 does not see dirty road markings in winter and is not able to maintain its lane on its own.

More expensive than analogues (-)

The main problem of the new crossover is the price. Even the Russian assembly did not help (the car is assembled in Vladivostok), which should have reduced the price at least a little.

Used Mazda CX-5: all the problems of a crossover

The most affordable CX-30 costs 1,650,000 rubles. And this is a simple version with a manual transmission, front-wheel drive and air conditioning. For comparison, the direct analogue of the Kia Xceed costs the same, but it will already have a robotic rather than a manual gearbox and more generous equipment.

For an all-wheel drive CX-30 you will have to pay at least 2 million. All-wheel drive Skoda Karoq and Kia Seltos with similar equipment will cost 150-200 thousand less.