Lamborghini boilers, burners and spare parts

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Types of Lamborghini boilers

Our catalog of heating equipment includes boiler units, burners, boilers, automation and components. Among the boilers there are also varieties that differ in the following characteristics:

  • By type of fuel – gas, diesel, solid fuel, electric or universal;
  • According to the installation method – wall and floor;
  • By purpose – household and professional, of varying power.

Professional models are represented by semi-industrial installations with high power. All heating devices are manufactured in compliance with European standards and are safe and easy to use. Units with a cast iron body are available for sale, which increases service life and reliability.

  • Advantages of Lamborghini boilers:
  • Reliability;
  • Safety in use;
  • Low fuel consumption;
  • Competitive price.

The best and most famous models: characteristics and prices

Ninfa FL D HF

The simplest in the Lamborghini lineup, a single-circuit convection boiler with a closed combustion chamber. Features high technical characteristics: Efficiency 93%, maximum gas consumption for the 24 kW model is 2.73 m3/hour. Available in 24 and 32 kW versions. It also features a more thermally conductive and more corrosion-resistant copper heat exchanger. There are almost all protection systems available today. It is possible to connect external control; there are pipes for connecting an indirect heating boiler.

Among the disadvantages, it is worth noting the vulnerability of the automation to power surges; owners sometimes complain of loud pops when igniting, similar to explosions. This is the most common problem with the model, primarily associated with unstable gas pressure and non-optimal burner settings; a possible cause may be clogging of the burner with soot or dust. Otherwise, almost all models have been serving without problems for more than 8 years.

Ninfa FL DF

Similar in design and features, but already a double-circuit model, designed not only for heating, but also for heating hot sanitary water. Available in 24, 32 and 37 kW versions. There are also cheaper, but less efficient modifications with an open combustion chamber (Ninfa FL DF).

The disadvantage in comparison with some analogues from other manufacturers is that the heat exchanger here is monothermal and not separate. The primary one is copper, and the secondary one (for hot water supply) is made of stainless steel. The monothermal structure involves combining heat exchangers into one design, which makes the boiler more compact and inexpensive, but makes it almost impossible cleaning and rinsing the heat exchanger from scale.


Highly efficient dual circuit condensation a model with a closed combustion chamber, one of the best Lamborghini gas boilers for heating a private home. The condensation principle of operation implies the presence of an additional heat exchanger that accumulates the heat of condensate formed from waste combustion products. Thus, part of the heat does not “fly out into the chimney”; the temperature of the exhaust gases is in the range of 30-60°C. As a result, the efficiency is 109% and even lower gas consumption, the maximum of the 24 kW model is 2.65 m3/hour.

The model is also distinguished by separate heating and hot water heat exchangers, both made of stainless steel, the primary one is made using a special technology, without welds, made of fairly thick steel, which implies a theoretical service life of over 12-13 years.

In general, the boiler has all the previously listed features (functional and intuitive automation, the presence of all protections, etc.). It is also worth noting the high environmental friendliness and low energy consumption (automation and circulation pump), it is possible to connect solar panels. The only drawback is the vulnerability to voltage surges and the requirement for proper commissioning.


The more advanced iXINOX model, characterized by the presence of a built-in boiler for heating water with a capacity of 50 liters, which reduces the delay in the supply of heated water, increases the productivity of domestic hot water. At the same time, the dimensions of the boiler itself increased only slightly, which is a serious advantage over a system with a volumetric indirectly heated boiler and piping around it with a limited boiler room area.

The model is available in 25 and 32 kW versions. The performance characteristics of iXINOX K are similar to the standard iXINOX, despite the higher maximum flow rate for the 25 kW version and the lower one for the 32 kW version, the actual gas consumption is similar to the classic iXINOX models, and the differences in the consumption limits are related to the hot water preparation technology.

The only known drawback, in addition to vulnerability to voltage surges and high requirements for competent commissioning, is the considerable price that the manufacturer demands for the operating comfort received from the model.

Price: 124,000-159,000 rub.


Single-circuit atmospheric boiler with cast iron heat exchanger. It is highly reliable; with installation experience and operating practice of more than 7 years, there is not a single service call associated with a serious malfunction. Also, the main difference is the presence of a pre-installed expansion tank and circulation pump from the factory, which allows you to reduce the boiler piping to a minimum. The control is digital, intuitive and functional, it is possible to connect an external thermostat and weather-dependent control.

With a relatively average efficiency of 90.9-91.7% (depending on power), it is worth noting one of the best consumption indicators on the market for floor-standing atmospheric models: the maximum gas consumption of the 23 kW version is 2.68 cubic meters. m/hour. Available in 23, 32 and 45 kW versions. Electric ignition and all safety systems available in wall-mounted models are provided. In our opinion, this is one of the best and most underrated offers in terms of price-quality ratio in this price category of floor-standing atmospherics.


Universal single-circuit boiler with replaceable burner (gas-diesel). The heat exchanger is cast iron, three-pass, which made it possible to achieve an efficiency of 91.1-92% depending on the power. Available in versions with heating capacity of 32, 47, 62, 78, 95 kW. An excellent option if you have inconsistent access to cheap diesel fuel or if there is no gas main near the house, but is planned in the future.

The only drawback is the need to purchase a burner separately from the boiler; the cost of the burners is quite high. For example, prices for a simple one-stage gas burner EM-E start at 49 thousand rubles. For diesel Fire / Fire R – from 40 thousand rubles. There are also TWIN-E combination burners that operate on two types of fuel at once.


The well-known and only Lamborghini cast iron solid fuel boiler available for sale today.

Despite the high price, it is one of the best solid fuel boilers on the market. Firstly, due to its well-known “indestructibility”, and secondly, due to its maximum practicality and ease of use: a huge loading door and a fairly voluminous combustion chamber make it possible to easily load firewood 45-50 and even 60 cm long, convenient, large and easily removable ash box, versatility regarding types and quality of fuel. The boiler also has a stylish design and compact size.

Among the disadvantages, it is worth noting good, but not high efficiency; the efficiency, depending on the boiler version, type and quality of fuel, is in the range of 77-81%. Also, the cast iron construction requires a lot of weight, from 193 to 385 kg, which means that the floor needs to be reinforced, a strong screed is desirable. Available in 19, 27, 36, 43 and 50 kW versions.