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Contents of the material

Sheathing and plastic

The leather covering the dashboard is peeling off and blistering. They are changing it due to the recall campaign, but only within North America. 2011-2014. dated October 17, 2020. .

The skin swells and bulges

Sometimes dealers got carried away with pre-sale preparation, generously pouring a protective compound over the carpet, which destroyed the adhesive backing and caused the skin to swell. This is especially true for the luggage compartment. TT9002554. The SRT has peel-off carbon fiber on the center panel and door trim. CSN N06 from April 2013.

Replacing carbon inserts


Rubbing the wiring to the sun visor with the risk of a short circuit and subsequent fire. Potential victims: 389 thousand cars. They change the visors, file the body and re-route the wiring. 2011-2013. Safety Recall R71 from August 2016. Also 2011-2014. Safety Recall P36 dated July 4, 2016.

Visors could cause a fire

The engine start button does not work, error B1A74-01 appears. Perhaps the connector on the fourth antenna, which is located behind the trunk trim, is not latched. S1108000059 dated March 3, 2011. The locks do not work, the car does not start, the CAN C bus does not respond, the blocks are not visible. Another pin that has fallen out of the connector. S1208000112 dated March 15, 2012. The tidy goes out, the warning lights come on for no reason, ABS and ESP stop working. It can be removed by flashing the device, which takes about half an hour. Before starting, you need to check the ground between the right side member and the generator. 2014. dated December 2013. In several cars, the rear door card illumination connector was not connected. S1308000144 dated May 10, 2013 and S1408000297 dated July 29, 2014.

Poor ground contact leads to problems with electronics


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