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Auto New York City impressive immune system

Auto new york city is a great way to energize your day with its signature lemon and lime combination. Not only this, but it also has an impressive immune system that allows it to thrive even in temperate climates. Mold infestation is a common problem for most compact cars, but auto new york city is very resistant to high humidity. This makes it an ideal car in which you can enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride all day long.

Early in my experience with vega I found a broken stem, so I trimmed the foliage and bent and softened the stem (to make sure it wouldn’t recover). After fifteen weeks in hydroponics, the plant was ready. I received it from a friend in a 200 ml glass, with a half-dead sprout. From an ugly duckling he turned into a stunning swan. The excitement was incredible, we screamed with joy. It was a huge success!

An unforgettable burst of energy

The energetic power of sativa will give you an unforgettable high. Auto New York will make you feel like an excited little kid counting down the days until the new year. Colors will appear before your eyes and the holiday lights in the Big Apple will twinkle. You will not be able to sit still and will join the lively rhythm. Your mind will be revitalized and your body will be nourished. You might even find some inspiration from the legendary Woody Allen and New York’s special place in his work.

Robert de Niro, the same one who gave us the iconic Vito Corleone, is known for his love for New York: “I often visit Paris, London, Rome, but I always come to the conclusion that there is no place better than New York. This is amazing and incredible!”

The same can be said about the New York City automobile from pyramid seeds. This wonderful strain is filled with contrasts that make it a truly incredible and exciting experience.

Big Apple – autoflowering nyc The unique city of New York is known for its contrasts, and autoflowering New York is no exception. It’s definitely worth a closer look, so why not take the time to explore it? Autoflowering nyc This autoflowering variant from pyramid seeds is a sativa-dominant strain, and auto-sativa is a rarity. Hence, it is worth trying this powerful variety that even a beginner can easily cultivate. Its growth rate and potency are comparable to jack herer and nyc diesel, so this hybrid is worth trying. Here is the genetic structure:

Pyramid seeds achieves great success with auto nyc hybrid! Pyramid seeds has set itself the goal of creating a sativa hybrid with high yield, fast maturation and a small autoflowering form. And they succeeded! This sativa hybrid has a gestation period much shorter than the usual 80–90 days for sativas—only 70 days outdoors and 50–60 days indoors.

Yields are still impressive – 40g per plant outdoors and 400g/m2 indoors! This is a great achievement for pyramid seeds and a great addition to any grower’s garden.


  • Short stature, only 60-130 cm;

  • Compact structure, the culture is not spread out;

  • Short life cycle, after 70 days you can start harvesting;

  • Unnoticeable aroma during flowering and ripening. The subtle lemon scent will not attract too much attention;

  • High performance. Indoors, the yield will be 400 grams per m², an excellent indicator for commercial growing. In open ground, even a beginning cannabis grower can get up to 200 grams. from a bush, which, given its compactness and short stature, is a very good result.


Video showing Auto New York City growing hydroponically. The plants have many side branches, all of them are long, all have cones of approximately the same size, rather narrow, slender. There is a lot of foliage in the cones. The resin content of the leaves is good. The height of the plant is approximately 50-60cm. The harvest was taken on the 66th day from seeds.

This video shows Auto New York City from Pyramid Seeds grown under less than 90W of light. The height of the plant is twenty-five centimeters, the large central cola is the size of Valuev’s fist and (for some reason) one side branch with a cone is also of decent size.

Auto new york city superb experience

The growth of auto new york city is amazing – it exceeds all expectations! The size of the plant can vary from 60 to 160 cm, it exudes a delightful citrus aroma, filling the space with freshness. The finished product tastes like a juicy lemon with hints of spice that will make your head spin.

It’s the perfect way to start your day – auto new york city provides you with a cool, energizing combination of lemon and lime that will set you in the mood for the day!

Auto New York has an impressive immune system Auto New York City has an impressive immune system. This allows it to thrive even in challenging temperate climates, so the driver can have peace of mind. It is commonly believed that compact cars are more susceptible to mold infestation, but this car is quite resistant to high humidity.

“At the beginning of the vega I encountered a broken stem. Accordingly, I trimmed the leaves and bent and softened the stem (so it wouldn’t grow back). After 15 weeks in hydroponics he was ready. I received it from a friend in a 200 ml glass with a half-dead sprout. From an ugly duckling he turned into a beautiful swan. The buzz was amazing, we screamed with joy. It was a bomb!

Energizing The energetic power of Sativa will give you an impressive high. Auto new york city will make you feel like an excited child counting down the time to a breathtaking new year. A rainbow of colors will come to life before you, just like the twinkling holiday lights in the Big Apple. You will not be able to sit still and will begin to move to the beat of energetic rhythms. Your mind will receive a surge of energy, and your body will receive the necessary nourishment. You might even be inspired by your inner Woody Allen, whose work has always had a special place in New York.