2023 Ford Transit vs Mercedes Sprinter

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Passenger capacity: direct relationship with earnings

And immediately check the gearbox after 30 thousand, otherwise 5 is buzzing from the factory and change the clutch with the basket, otherwise it jerks from new, don’t be greedy. And don’t wash the engine, otherwise the control unit with flashing costs hundreds of dollars. I personally like Ford.

I have been using Gazelles for a year and am well aware of all their features and, even more so, their disadvantages. The diesel engine allows you to significantly save on fuel.

Mercedes sprinter classic

An additional reason for purchasing a minibus from Mercedes is its attractive price. For 1 ruble you can buy a full-fledged minibus in a basic modification.

However, the Ford Transit also has its advantages. Why is it worth buying a Ford Transit? In the middle of the year, a complete update of the model was carried out.

In other words, Ford Transit today is one of the most modern minibuses that are present on the Russian automobile market.

Ford Transit vs Mercedes Sprinter: Driving

It is all about athleticism when it comes to driving a campervan. This is why the Transit is the winner here since it is more powerful and this translates well when you’re offroading. The ride quality of the Sprinter is better on the tarmac, but the Transit is no slouch either.

Car differences

Mercedes breaks down less often. The only weak point of the car is front spring. After 150 thousand kilometers, a breakdown is likely to occur. During repairs, it is worth replacing the part with a reinforced one, not the original one. The bottom of the car can also fail; it is highly susceptible to corrosion. The owner can also correct this problem on his own, using an additional anti-corrosion coating. The car’s suspension is strong, and the forged arms and ball arms are reliable.

Ford has much more problems in terms of repairs: the suspension, which is close in characteristics to a passenger car, will fly even faster than that of the “German”. The supports and stand will have to be replaced quickly. After 200 thousand km, the Ford engine gives out and begins to “eat” oil, so you have to change the short block. But the body is more resistant to rust, since the metal is galvanized and not just painted. You won’t have to constantly treat the lower part of the body, and it will be easier to sell the car due to the lack of rust.

It is worth considering separately lifting capacity. In the Sprinter it is not only higher, the car also behaves adequately when loaded and in motion. 2.5 tons in the body (if the car is used as a van) does not lead to constant skidding and tilting of the cargo compartment. Fuel consumption also does not increase, averaging 10 liters.

Ford beats Mercedes in terms of comfort. This includes the comfort of the driver in the cabin and the comfort of passengers if a minibus is purchased. Despite the lower price category, the manufacturer took care of the ergonomics of the interior and paid attention to such important things as storage compartments, cup holders, convenient removable elements, and legroom. In the basic configuration of the Transit there are more options for the interior. Mercedes is also inferior to Transit in terms of ride quality in fog. In the “German”, the heated mirrors are automatically turned on at low temperatures. Because of this, it is difficult to drive in foggy weather, since it is not possible to independently activate the function at above-zero temperatures.

Ford Transit vs Mercedes Sprinter: Verdict

In the end, it is the mighty Ford Transit that picks up the win here. The Merc is better in terms of its towing capacity, build quality, and lower pricing. However, the Transit offers more diverse engine options, is more powerful, consumes less fuel, is more reliable, and will serve you better on the trail. This is why you need to get yourself a Ford Transit camper now.

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