2023 Buick Envision Review, Price, Features and Mileage (Brochure)

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The exterior of the second generation Buick NVision has acquired a more modern look. The design has become more aggressive and sporty. New optics have appeared – LED headlights, LED running lights. Their shape smoothly blends into the chrome strip of the radiator grille. The look has become more stylish. Instead of fog lights, additional diamond-shaped air intakes were made.

The hood has become more prominent. Its sporty style is highlighted by 3 ribs. There are chrome inserts throughout the body, both on the radiator grille and air intakes, as well as on the moldings and running boards. They look very harmonious. The design of the nameplate stands out especially, with its harmonious red, white and blue color scheme.

The rear bumper is equipped with stylish side lamps of narrow geometry. It also has convenient parking sensors. The light projection of the Buick logo looks original. It is broadcast onto the road surface under the bumper.

The length of the body is optimized and is 4 meters 67 centimeters. However, the wheelbase has been improved due to shortened overhangs between the crossover axles, and is equal to 2.78 m. This figure has been increased by 2.9 cm compared to the same values ​​of the predecessor version. The body width is 1839 mm, height 1697 mm.


As soon as you get inside the updated Buick Envision, you will notice a non-standard design, but it all looks quite modern. The driver immediately draws attention to the thin 3-spoke steering wheel, which has a small number of mechanical keys. Already “in the base” it will be made of leather. It can be adjusted in height and depth. It’s nice that the steering wheel heating function is provided by default. Next you can see the colored dashboard, which has three delimited parts. On the sides, General Motors engineers decided to place traditional analog-type instruments, and in the center there was a place for a large display, which displays analog speedometer data.

A torpedo divided into 3 parts looks very interesting. At the very top there is a wooden panel into which they decided to integrate a clock, a small number of controls, as well as an 8-inch multimedia system, which seems tiny against the general background. The upper part is separated from the lower part by a strip of ventilation system deflectors, as well as a small niche. As for the lower part, it seems to be a continuation of the central tunnel on the dashboard. There was a place for the controls of the climate control system, which received two color screens and an unusual design.

Without restrictions, part 3 flows into a tunnel that has two cup holders and a gear shift knob. Nearby you can see the electromechanical handbrake button. The driver and the front passenger sitting next to him have their own armrests, which is very convenient. On the central tunnel you can select the suspension operating mode and control the security systems. The crossover also has a 12-volt charging outlet. The restyled Buick Envision additionally boasts a compartment for Qi wireless communications.

The car works with the familiar Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Not without an installed 4G LTE mobile connection and a Wi-Fi access point. The upholstery of the American crossover is made of high-quality fabric for standard versions, but more expensive trim levels can boast of leather. There is plenty of free space inside. Sitting in the front or back row is very comfortable. The installed driver’s seat can be adjusted in 12 directions, and the passenger seat in 8 directions.

There are only minor issues with the lack of bright side support. In the back row there is a comfortable sofa that can accommodate 3 adults. The back of the central seat is equipped with an armrest, inside of which there are a pair of cup holders. The luggage compartment received 422 liters, however, if necessary, it can be increased by folding the rear row of seats. In this situation, the volume will increase to 1,555 liters of usable space.

Updated interior

The car has become better not only in terms of exterior. Experts have done a lot of work to improve the interior of the Buick Envision 2021. Of course, the interior can hardly be called revolutionary; it is more traditional. For the buyer, the engineers placed an analogue dashboard and a fairly ordinary multifunctional steering wheel. The interior is decorated with a multimedia system designed for a 10-inch color touch display. Control is provided using Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The new product will lose the traditional clock on the center console.

You can also notice the presence of a 2-zone “climate” control unit, which has mechanical keys. Not without push-button control of the automatic transmission. The seats installed in front are electrically driven, heated and ventilated. Separately, it is worth mentioning the projection screen and the luxurious Bose music system.

Main advantages

All car owners and motorists who take a Buick NVision for a test drive note the good assembly of all elements and comprehensive sound insulation. This is manifested by the absence of squeaks and other extraneous sounds during the trip, even when overcoming bumps and other irregularities. Therefore, the main advantages of this crossover from GM include:

  • beautiful interior and exterior design;
  • impeccable build quality, like a premium car;
  • comfortable chairs, microclimate;
  • the ability to expand the trunk space to the capacity of a minivan;
  • smooth ride and ease of control;
  • modern options and multimedia center.

Many auto experts recommend buying a Buick Envision as an ideal personal or family car for daily trips and long-distance travel. It is equipped with everything necessary for ease of movement in dense city traffic or along country asphalt highways.