2021 Volkswagen Jetta Trim Levels w/ Configurations & Comparisons

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The Jetta’s main competitors include the following models:

    Ford Focus; Peugeot 408; Citroen C4 sedan; Toyota Corolla; Skoda Octavia.

Geely Emgrand GT can be a serious competitor to the German model.


At the front of the car there is a 6-sided radiator grille with horizontal chrome strips, partially occupying the upper part of the bumper. Slim headlights highlight the dynamic look, complemented by a pronounced line on the side of the doors. The rear lighting is divided into asymmetrical sections located on the fender and trunk lid. The lower part of the bumper has a chrome trim that imitates the exhaust pipes of sports cars.


The foam-topped instrument panel has a cut-out outline and a center section that faces slightly towards the driver. The multimedia display is located above the ventilation ducts. The decoration is made of plastic coverings with a coating that imitates shiny metal. Between the front seats there is a traditional console with control buttons, cup holders and an armrest. The rear row of seats with folding backrests is equipped with a central armrest with slots for drinking glasses.

Maintenance costs

Despite the fact that in this case we are talking about a new version of the Jetta, the maintenance costs for this model do not differ from those incurred by the owners of the previous modification of the sedan. Both engines, as practice shows, do not require major repairs for at least 250 thousand kilometers. Although breakdowns in the turbine may occur earlier. Eliminating these defects will cost approximately 70-80 thousand rubles. The advantage of the new version of the Jetta is that the manufacturer abandoned the problematic robotic gearbox. Automatic and manual transmissions last much longer and are cheaper to maintain.

Stabilizer struts and bushings fail faster than other suspension parts. In the Jetta, these components need to be changed approximately every 30-40 thousand kilometers, which will cost 1-2 thousand rubles. The remaining suspension parts have to be repaired no earlier than after 70-80 thousand kilometers.

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Options and prices

Options and prices for the current generation, since prices for the new generation have not yet been officially announced for the Russian market.

Options Motor checkpoint Fuel consumption Drive unit Acceleration to 100 km/h Prices
Trendline gasoline 1.6 l. (110 hp) M.T. 8.2/5.2/6.3 Front 11.3 s 1,049,000 rubles
gasoline 1.6 l. (110 hp) AT 8.5/5.3/6.5 Front 12.7 s 1,099,000 rubles
gasoline 1.4 l. (125 hp) AMT 6.3/4.5/5.2 Front 9.6 s 1,129,000 rubles
LIFE gasoline 1.6 l. (110 hp) M.T. 8.2/5.2/6.3 Front 11.3 s 1,125,000 rubles
gasoline 1.6 l. (110 hp) AT 8.5/5.3/6.5 Front 12.7 s 1,175,000 rubles
gasoline 1.4 l. (125 hp) AMT 6.3/4.5/5.2 Front 9.6 s 1,205,000 rubles
Comfortline gasoline 1.6 l. (110 hp) AT 8.5/5.3/6.5 Front 12.7 s 1,189,000 rubles
gasoline 1.4 l. (125 hp) AMT 7.2/4.8/5.7 Front 8.6 s 1,229,000 rubles
Highline gasoline 1.4 l. (125 hp) AMT 7.2/4.8/5.7 Front 8.6 s 1,299,000 rubles

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Technical stuffing

The wheelbase of the new Volkswagen Jetta 2021 has increased by 35 mm and reached 2686 mm.

Length – 4702 mm, width – 1799 mm, and height – 1459 mm. Interestingly, the rear overhang has lengthened by 18 mm, and the front overhang has become shorter by 10 mm.

Under the hood, the Jetta has a four-cylinder turbocharged engine generating 150 horsepower. It is equipped with an eight-speed automatic transmission or a six-speed manual transmission.

A robotic gearbox with a powerful 2.0 TSI engine producing 174 hp will be presented only in 2021. Obviously, this version will first hit the American market. There is no need to wait for other power units.

Maintenance costs

The regulations stipulate that maintenance is carried out annually or every 15 thousand kilometers. The cost of maintenance will range from 8 to 20 thousand rubles, taking into account process fluids and spare parts. The plant gives the car a 3-year warranty (or 100 thousand km), the service life of the main units exceeds 250 thousand km with regular maintenance. Some of the components are also used in European Volkswagen models, but parts made in Mexico or North America may have long wait times.