2021 Nissan Pathfinder Redesign, Specs and Interiors

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Let’s hit the road

Sports habits and not the highest ground clearance

V6 and 275 horses are very suitable for this car. It even has sporty flair. Yes, yes, sport mode and steering wheel paddle shifters are available. The Pathfinder picks up speed briskly (for such a car, of course), and you don’t feel at all deprived either in the city or on the highway. By the way, this is also true for a heavily loaded cabin. I was traveling with six people on board, and there was not much difference from a solo trip.

But here’s the paradox, as for me, Pathfinder is more suited to the eco-mode of operation. The constant desire to twitch a little at the start disappears in him, he becomes calm and flexible. And it was in this mode that I felt more comfortable and relaxed.

Perhaps the very soft suspension also played a role here, which likes to rock the car a little and allows the car to roll when cornering (at this moment, insufficient lateral support for the second-row seats also emerges). But, various obstacles are passed smoothly and impressively.

In general, impressiveness is what I ultimately wanted from this car, and it gave me that, which made me happy. It seems to me that Pathfinder is certainly not about dynamics, although it can, to the best of its ability.

It’s comfortable in the city, you just need to get used to parking a five-meter car. Four cameras around the perimeter, as well as front and rear parking sensors, will help with this. An automatic parking system is also available.

Another interesting point is with the rear view mirror (it is dimmable, by the way). But if you pull the lever, it switches to streaming video from the camera at the back. This camera is separate and has the ability to adjust both height and lens rotation. I won’t say that this is a super necessary device, but it saves you in the dark.

In general, the key thing that a car provides is comfort. Either during a short trip to go shopping in a supermarket or during a long trip with a large group. Good equipment allows everyone not to lose charge in their devices, transformation and ease of seating ensure the comfort of a long stay in the car. Well, a perfectly working adaptive cruise control with active steering (they turn on and off independently of each other) allows you to easily get to the desired point. And then you understand, this is the quintessence of a modern car – it’s like you’re in control of everything, but at the same time you’re not very stressed and, as a result, you’re not particularly tired.

Yes, this car is not so much about drive (surprisingly, the penultimate Qashqai drove more cheerfully), it is about a comfortable way to get where you need to go without a heavy burden on all participants in the process. The only thing that might get in the way is the 194mm ground clearance. So, it’s better to forget about hard-to-reach places, given the dimensions. But all-wheel drive and various modes that change the behavior of the car under different conditions work well. The scenario with a country road with potholes after the rain was worked out perfectly. What more could you want?


Pathfinder is a full-fledged SUV with a body-on-frame configuration and multiple programmable crumple zones that enhance overall passive safety. The length of the Japanese model is 5042 mm with a wheelbase of 2900 mm. The width of the car reaches 1963 mm, height – 1793 mm. The Japanese SUV is based on front MacPherson struts and a rear multi-link suspension. The car has anti-roll bars and ventilated disc brakes all around. There are also shock absorbers that automatically adjust to the characteristics of the road surface.

The Pathfinder comes with a continuously variable transmission and a 3.5-liter naturally aspirated engine with direct injection, variable intake and exhaust valve timing, and electronic throttle. The maximum output of this engine reaches 284 hp. with a torque of 351 N*m. Optionally, along with the Japanese SUV, an all-wheel drive system with a multi-plate clutch, complemented by electronic control, is offered.

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The semi-budget status of the new version of the Nissan Pathfinder 2021 crossover is given by a limited range of interior finishing materials. Available in fabric or leatherette trim, however, it is of quite decent quality. The designers’ rejection of the frame platform affected the increase in the volume of the 7-seater cabin and the capacity of the luggage compartment.

  • The front panel is equipped with an instrument panel with classic dial indicators for speed and revolutions, a compact diagonal computer monitor and several optical indicators.
  • The upper block segment of the console is occupied by a set of ventilation ducts and an 8-inch media display equipped with touch command functions.
  • The dashboard includes three remote controls with analog elements, which are responsible for activating and quickly setting up functional and “comfortable” on-board equipment. The most frequently used buttons are located on the upper surface of the multifunctional steering wheel.

The tunnel design consists of a technical segment with a compact transmission lever, a well for small luggage, a small number of organizers and an armrest that combines the function of a mini-fridge lid.

The list of services for the front seats includes elements of transverse-lateral support, ventilation, heating and seat height adjustment. Seats in the second row have access to a reclining backrest and a folding armrest.

The new body allows you to increase the volume of the luggage compartment from 453 to 2260 liters due to the simplified transformation of two “gallery” seats. A spacious niche in the floor of the compartment is designed to store a spare tire and standard tools.

Options and prices

The Nissan Pathfinder is due to change generations in 2020, so the latest version of the Japanese model, as the photos show, has undergone a minor restyling. Because of this, the manufacturer did not change the previously available configurations and prices, maintaining the car’s previous technical characteristics. Therefore, it cannot be said that the crossover came in a new body. So far the Japanese model is not represented in Russia, but its return is expected in the future.


The 2020 Nissan Pathfinder in its launch version is valued at almost 2 million rubles on the American market. Dealers ask for this kind of money for:

  • automatic emergency braking system;
  • parking camera;
  • rear parking sensors;
  • system for maintaining the selected speed;
  • dynamic control system with traction control function;
  • assistant when starting uphill;
  • 18-inch wheels;
  • LED DRLs;
  • heated external mirrors with servo drive.

Already in the starting modification, roof rails, an engine start button and a keyless entry system appear. The comfort of the Nissan Pathfinder is provided by 4 electronic windows, climate control installation with cabin filter, 6 airbags and a proprietary multimedia complex with an 8-inch touch monitor. At the same time, the initial configuration does not include heated front seats.


The SV package costs about 2.17 million rubles. In addition to standard equipment, this amount includes:

  • remote engine start system;
  • intelligent speed control system;
  • monitoring system for “blind” areas;
  • reverse collision warning system;
  • front fog lights.

Head optics 2020 Nissan Pathfinder in this version it is capable of independently switching high beam to low beam. In the cabin of the Japanese crossover there are 2 120 V sockets and an electric driver’s seat, changing its position in eight directions. In addition, this package includes intelligent pressure control sensors in the wheels, which indicate the need for pumping.

Nissan Pathfinder of this and the next modification is also offered in a special version, Rock Creek Edition, upon purchase of which the motorist receives a crossover modified both externally and internally. But all the improvements relate only to the design of the car.


The Japanese crossover in the SL version is valued at almost 2.4 million rubles, including which includes LED headlights, leather-trimmed seats, heated first-row seats and an improved touchscreen monitor with surround-view cameras. Also included in this configuration is Nissan’s proprietary navigation system. The electric drive of the driver’s seat changes its position in 10 directions, and the servo drive of the side mirrors is capable of remembering the settings. In addition, the SL modification includes heated second-row seats and a steering wheel.


The 2020 Nissan Pathfinder in the top version, prices for which start at 2.7 million rubles, is available with premium acoustics, 20 speakers, ventilated front seats, a panoramic sunroof and 20-inch wheels. At the rear of the crossover there is a tow hitch with 7-pin wires. Also in the top version there is an electrically adjustable steering wheel with memory settings. And perforated leather was used in the seat trim. Optionally, buyers of the top version of the crossover are offered additional monitors built into the backs of the first row seats.


Externally, Pathfinder is somewhat reminiscent of the latest X-Trail. Both models are equipped with a relatively compact radiator grille placed at a slight angle. It is complemented by horizontal metal slats with several holes and a V-shaped strip that stretches along the perimeter. The Japanese SUV is equipped with a fairly large head optics, the lower edge of which has a wavy outline. The embossed front bumper contains fog lights, placed along with ventilation holes closer to the headlights, and a small air intake with reinforced protection at the bottom. The side of the body and the hood are crossed by protruding stripes that make the Japanese model more muscular. The glazing at the stern is polygonal in shape. Below it there are really large lights that extend far to the side, and a wide bumper with a metal plate.

The Pathfinder’s interior in certain aspects is designed in the style of SUVs of yesteryear. This is especially clearly emphasized by the wide center console and transmission tunnel with an abundance of buttons and natural wood trim. At the same time, the interior space is designed in a premium style. In particular, almost everything is covered in leather. The Japanese SUV is equipped with a relatively compact touchscreen monitor placed in a separate niche on the center console. The instrument panel has a non-standard color display that smoothly wraps around the top of the speedometer and tachometer.

The second and third rows of seats provide a comfortable fit, largely due to the car’s long wheelbase. For the same reason, the Pathfinder’s trunk volume is 453 liters.

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