2014 Ford Explorer tire and wheel sizes, bolt pattern and tire pressure

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How to check tire pressure?

The easiest way to check your tire pressure is to use a hand-held pressure gauge. It is enough to put the device on the valve and read the result. However, if the pressure is too low, a pressure gauge alone is not enough. So it’s better to go to the gas station. Nowadays, almost every gas station has a compressor, with which you can easily check and equalize tire pressure to the required level.

Don’t forget to measure the pressure when your tires are cold. Air expands when exposed to heat, which can cause erroneous readings.

Review of the best summer and winter tires

An excellent solution for this car is Goodyear products:

  • summer – Eagle F1 Asymmetric;
  • winter – UltraGrip Ice Arctic.

Eagle F1 Asymmetric has a speed index of up to 300 km/h. The unique composition of the rubber allows it to be used for more than 5 years. UltraGrip Ice Arctic – winter series. This is a special series in the development of which MultiControl Ice technology was used. Thanks to it, excellent controllability on icy surfaces is ensured.

Yokohama offers good solutions. The Japanese brand produces tires for all seasons. A good solution would be:

  • Geolandar H/TS – summer;
  • Ice Guard – winter.

The summer version is equipped with deep drainage channels. This eliminates the possibility of aquaplaning. Transverse grooves allow you to achieve good traction. Ice Guard is a typical Velcro. The lack of spikes affects handling. It is better to use these only in the city.

The Finnish company Nokian offers the following options for the Ford Explorer:

  • Hakka Black SUV – summer;
  • Hakkapeliitta SUV – winter.

The summer version differs from its counterparts in having a reinforced sidewall. This allows you to continue driving for some time even with a flat tire. Winter tires are distinguished by the presence of studs and softness at any temperature. The last point is especially important.

For drivers seeking thrills and practicing an aggressive driving style, the Michelin brand will be a good solution:

  • Latitude Sport – summer;
  • Latitude Alpin – winter.

The first ones are distinguished by their speed index – up to 300 km/h. Even at high speed, summer tires hold the road well and the car responds well to the steering wheel. The all-season Alpin, despite the lack of studs, will be an excellent choice for winter driving.

If you are on a limited budget, tires from Hankook would be a good choice:

  • Dynapro HP2 – summer;
  • Ice Bear W300 – winter.

Dynapro HP2 is an affordable solution for premium SUVs. Soft, comfortable, but at the same time durable tires will be the optimal choice for any driving style. Ice Bear W300 provides good traction. Snow, rain, ice – none of it matters.