2011 Toyota Prius automatic transmission fluid capacity

How often do you change the oil in a Prius gearbox?

According to the official recommendations of the manufacturer Toyota Priuscheck or oil changeif necessary, you should:

  • once every two years;
  • with a frequency of 40,000 km.

It does not matter which of these factors comes first.

Prius 30 after 2012 update

When checking the condition of the lubricating fluid in the transmission, visual inspection is carried out. It is necessary to make sure that there are no leaks and that the oil level is normal. It should be within 10mm of the edge of the filler hole. Specific conditions when it will be necessary to change the oil in the box Priusis not stated in the official maintenance manual.

According to operating experience Prius, transmission oil loses its quality after 80,000 kilometers. This manifests itself in the acquisition of a characteristic dark shade, as a result of contamination from natural wear and tear of transmission components. Therefore, changing the lubricant in the Toyota Prius 20 automatic transmission should be carried out at intervals of 40-60 thousand kilometers. The maximum threshold is 80 thousand km.

Prius planetary gearbox design

The planetary transfer mechanism has the most complex design in the Toyota Prius drive. It ensures a systematic distribution of efforts from ICE and an electric motor. The planetary system allows you to automatically connect the gasoline power unit when the situation requires it. Also disable ICE from the drive mechanism, leaving it to work exclusively with the generator.

Box and motor generator

The design of the planetary transfer mechanism is made in such a way that the gasoline power unit is not directly connected to the wheel drive. The motor participates in the rotation of the wheels at those moments when the optimal operating mode of the internal combustion engine is achieved. This applies to crankshaft speed and machine speed. This contributes to the release of only part of the energy of the internal combustion engine to transmit torque to the wheels. For the Toyota Prius hybrid installation, according to operational data, the internal combustion engine operates in optimal mode at two or more thousand revolutions per minute.

Toyota Prius transmission of different generations

An important task of a gasoline unit is to ensure the operation of a generator to generate electrical energy. When driving the Prius at low speeds or in traffic jams, the hybrid switches on electric traction, which is provided by the capacity of the battery. To accelerate the car, additional electricity will be used, obtained as a result of the integrated operation of the internal combustion engine and generator.


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